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  • December 23, 2008

TweetOfTheYear.comAs you can see from the title of the review, this is a new initiative that aims to showcase the most brilliant tweet that surfaced in the Twitterverse in the year 2008. The philosophy that inspired such an endeavor was proving that the Twitterverse in itself does contain valuable insight amid the existing nonsense.

Only one vote is allowed per user, and you can later modify it by casting a new vote in the event you change your mind.

In order to make things easier, some of the best-remembered tweets of 2008 are available on the site, so that everybody can have some point of reference to get easily started. Some of these come from Barack Obama along with other renowned personalities.

The site also makes it possible for you to quickly see how things are shaping up by showcasing the latest nominations in the section that goes by the same name, whereas the top nominators are likewise highlighted.

All in all, the site stands as a significant step towards finding the genius tweet of 2008. If you think you can make a contribution to the cause, do not hesitate to pay the site a visit and doing a quick recap.

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