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  • July 22, 2009

TweetMyBumper.comTwitter frenzy shows no sign of slacking off. In addition to the never-ending array of apps that keep on surfacing, we also have some services like the one that created t-shirts using tweets as the starting point.

As if that wasn’t enough, now we have a site like this one which enables you to create bumper stickers for your ride. These stickers are used for getting more followers while you are on the road. Remember, the concept of Twitter is more widespread than that of Google, and the expression “Twitter” is more mentioned than the expression “Google” even when “Google” is used frequently as a verb by everybody. That showcases how far Twitter has gone in a relatively short stretch of time, and it explains why somebody dreamed up something like this in order to increase his following.

Payment of these bumper stickers is handled via PayPal. There are two different versions for you to choose from – one features the “Tweet My Bumper” URL as part of the sticker and it costs US$ 5, whereas for US$ 6 you can get your hands on one that comes without that.

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