More – The Speed Of Twitter

  • June 10, 2009

TweeSpeed.comTweeSpeed is proudly defined as “the Twitter Instant Speed Meter”. In practice, it acts as a web-based service that will let you find out the number of tweets that were sent in the last minute, based on the public timeline.

The figure is arrived at by retrieving the information for the last 5 minutes and then calculating an average speed for one minute.

The main page includes a gauge that showcases the results so far, and this is automatically refreshed every minute – there is no need to do it manually.

Twitter has exploded in such a way that even the average Joe knows what it is all about, or thinks he does at any rate. The time seems ripe for tools and applications that let everybody know what is being tweeted by whom, when are people tweeting, and how much. Recent figures are interesting, as I just read that the lion share of Twitter content is made up just by10 % of existing Twitterers. If the numbers provided by TweeSpeed are accurate indeed, they are keeping a steady rate.

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