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More – Sample TV’s Best Shows

  • September 15, 2007

TopTVbytes.comDo you want to check out everything that’s on TV? TopTVbytes offers samples of the best TV shows and memorable moments. The site is very well organized so as to give you the opportunity to get through all the info quickly. It has different sections: DVD’s, entertainment, news, sports, lifestyle, animation, music and xtreme. You can also get into many video links from the web about a lot of topics such as: gossip, news, weather reports, advertisements and more.

There’s a “most recent” section in which you can find the newest videos and a daily top bytes. If you select a particular video you can get related videos and photos so as to get a really whole picture of each byte. There’re also some show transcripts available. You can always post your comments, link videos into your blog and easily send a video to someone else by just entering the “email clip” section.

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