Grab.Tumbleeze.com – Update Tumblr From Your Desktop

  • April 28, 2010

Grab.Tumbleeze.comTwitter is so massive that sometimes it is easy to forget that other platforms for micro-messaging do exist. The second best might as well be Tumblr.

No, let me reword that – the second most popular might as well be Tumblr. To many, Twitter is wining the battle in terms of notoriety, but more than a few internauts have taken a liking to Tumblr’s conciseness. If anything, Tumblr is notably freer from noise when pitched against something as widespread as Twitter. That makes it become a somehow more appealing (or at least direct) service for many. And if you are part of that group of users, this is the right website to stop by.

On the Tumbleeze website you will be able to procure a client for posting updates to the messaging service from the comfort of your desktop. In practice, this means that posting anything is a mere matter of having a web-enabled computer at hand. You won’t have to open a browser, and you won’t need to go to any site. It all becomes manageable in the simplest way of all. People who are always users of Tumblr will have the chance to keep posting even faster than before, and those who are entirely new to the concept will have an excellent excuse to get started.

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