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Bizarre T-Shirt Helps You Hide From Facebook Facial Recognition

Bizarre T-Shirt Helps You Hide From Facebook Facial Recognition

It seems that every day privacy on the internet becomes more and more of a myth from long-ago times. Between NSA spying and social networks collecting all of your personal info and recording every move you make online, we’ve all pretty much signed-off on never having a truly private life again. One of the…

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Project Cartoon is a fun site that is centered around one comic strip and the community redesigning and structuring it as they see the available frames. The comic is about how a project works with the project being represented by a swing on a tree. In the original story line, captions include “how the customer explained it”, “what the beta testers received,” all the way to “what the customer really needed,” which in this version is a...

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So you have been searching for a place where you could get all the information you need about NFL and soccer, so you have been seeking for a site like this because you want to learn about NFL, soccer and baseball. Well, if that´s the case then you must take a few minutes of your day and pay a visit to this great site because here at Fastballfanatics. com you will find everything you are looking for. So get online today, what are you...

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