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Become The King Of Trivia With QuizUp

Become The King Of Trivia With QuizUp

Are you ready to kick ass at trivia? It’s time for you to download QuizUp.

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Goodreads Wants To Fill Your Bookshelf With Its Social Book Discovery Site

I am loving these new make-reading-easy-and-fun sites and apps I keep discovering such as foboko–a platform to download, create and discover eBooks from independent and inspiring authors–and, the site that’s bringing free e-books to the masses. Goodreads is another site helping bookworms and casual readers discover and recommend books to their friends and the world. You can join a book club and even answer trivia...

Read More – Promote Your Brand With Trivia Games

There are countless sites providing the kind of services that would let you build and nurture social a presence on the Internet, and the vast majority of them take a more or less conventional approach. They are not ineffective because of that, but no-one could blame you if you wanted to go about things a little differently. Nobody would blame you for that, and some people would actually show you that doing things in a unique way is...

Read More – Something To Do While Waiting

No matter what you do, devise or concoct – waiting in line is and will always be a rotund bore. And I am sorry to say that this app won’t change that. But it’s nice to see people try and come up with a solution of sorts. Essentially, through the Waiting Game app you can come up with games and surveys that can be played at specific locations only. That is, people who launch the app will be enabled to play games that match their...

Read More – Get To Know Others By Playing Trivia

There is no end to the ways that you can end up meeting others online. There are social networks of every denomination, and there are also sites that make for anonymous chatting. And now we can add another category to the list: sites that will let you get to know others by playing trivia games. This site works along the following lines: you play trivia online, and as you go and build your results your profile will be matched with that...

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