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Travel Lovers Get Excited! Wikimedia Launches Wikivoyage

Travel Lovers Get Excited!
Wikimedia Launches Wikivoyage

Wikipedia is one of the greatest things to come out of the Internet. I mean, let’s be honest here. We can now all be “experts” on something just by reading a Wiki page. And, the fine folks at Wikimedia, who are part of a global mission to “bring free educational content to the world” have done it again with…

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If you’re looking to use your passport for something other than a coaster, you may first want to check out a travel site that lets other travelers voice their opinions on a given destination. Similar to Lonely Planet, the idea behind WritingTravellers, a new travel startup out of Amsterdam, is that you know the destinations you’ve traveled to best. Thus, WritingTravellers aims to have its visitors write descriptions of their...

Read More – Gotham Writers’ Workshop is the official site of the Gotham Writers’ Workshop. This site was created to help college students to be more creative with their writing. Writing is a very important thing but not everyone have the gift to be a good writer. So it is great to have someone that is actually good with that skill to help you with it. And that is way WritingClasses is there for you. The site is organized into different categories for...

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