More – Tracking Your Investment Positions

  • June 14, 2010

TradeStops.comTradeStops is a service for the tracking of any stock that is directly or indirectly connected with your company and what it does. It will let you keep a close watch on prices, and receive an instant notification whenever the right time to make a change comes along.

These notifications can be sent in a plurality of ways. Emails are actively supported, and so are cell phones and pagers. And going for one does not rule any of the two others out. As a matter of fact, you can have alerts sent out to all three devices simultaneously.

It is also worth noting that the recipient of these alerts does not have to be you. You can arrange to have them delivered to your broker if that is what you want.

For the time being, Trade Stops currently provides alerts on US and Canadian equities and mutual funds. If you live in either territory, you will be able to put this system through its paces and see if it can really let you track your investment positions as thoroughly as it claims – the provided 30 day free trial will make that possible.

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