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  • July 8, 2011

DailyTradingReport.comThe trading world is anything but a bed of roses, and that is something movies like Wall Street have taught us since we were awe-struck kids. Leaving a successful mark there demands skill, effort, devotion and also a fair share of good luck. None of these can be summoned into being. But there are sites like this one around to assist those who are keen on becoming independent traders, and help them get there without having to take unnecessary knocks along the way.

Named Daily Trading Report, this is a site that can provide users with investment analyses and strategies, as supplied by those who have already gone all the way. Moreover, people who use this service are actually presented with some fine investment ideas that they can proceed to expand upon. It is all part of motivating them to think faster, clearer and without losing sight of the bigger scheme of things.

And the site is also suitable to all these individuals who are thinking about retiring in the foreseeable future. They will learn all they could ever need to begin managing their own funds, and understand the underlying drivers of movements in all types of financial markets.

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More – Become A Better Trader

  • March 28, 2011

InformedTrades.comInformed Trades aims to become the definitive online resource for people who want to learn how to trade forex, stocks and contracts for difference (CFDs). On this site, just anybody can start a discussion and receive the insight of people who know more than he does.

And in addition to housing these discussions forums in which anything that is connected with the world of trading is elucidated, the site includes instruction manuals, product reviews and links to blogs of interest.

Moreover, both free and premium trading courses are offered for those who want to improve their knowledge in a direct and focused way. Everything from the logistics of stock trading and how the US banking system works to Forex scalping strategies is covered by these courses.

When all is said and done, this site has got all it takes to become the free university for traders bar none on the Internet. The content is rich, it can be accessed for free, and people from all over the world are enabled to join it and collaborate in the ways that they can.

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More – Becoming A Successful Trader

  • October 12, 2010

ChartPoppers.comA newly-launched resource, Chart Poppers includes all the information that you could possibly need in order to have a chance of becoming a successful trader. The site includes stock market analysis and financial opinions coming from respected participants in the scene, as well as content that is generated by the Chart Poppers’ very own editorial team.

Stock quotes from the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Pink Sheets and the OTC are featured on the site. If you take these along with the many tips and tricks which are provided, then you are going to be able to start figuring how to make some good money with Penny Stocks. And that applies both to those who are new to the Stock Market, and to the ones who have been part of it for some time now.

Also, it is important to mention that a newsletter providing information on the latest trading opportunities that have surfaced is available for free. Simply furnish your email address when prompted in order to start receiving it in your inbox.

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More – For The Making Of Sound Investments

  • September 27, 2010

TheStockSonar.comThis site will be your savior if you are new to the whole stock market scene and you are just about to throw in the towel. Hold on a little longer.

The Stock Sonar will let you begin making sound investments and decisions by analyzing the financial and social media sentiment for your portfolio, and having it quantified for you. The information can be automatically filtered, and you will be able to have positive and negative sentiments compared side by side.

Also, each analysis that you carry through the site can actually compare stock trends among as many companies as you want, and the data is always presented as part of interactive charts that leave just no room for misunderstandings. These charts come with full drill-down capabilities, and you will be able to narrow everything as much as you need.

Besides, The Stock Sonar can analyze corporate events and weigh up both the direct and indirect impact they can have on the company. And alerts associated both to events and media sentiments can be prearranged whenever any specific variables come to be.

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More – Sending SMS Alerts To Forex Traders

  • July 9, 2010

FxSMSAlert.comAs its name implies, Forex SMS Alerts is a notification system that will be of assistance to Forex traders and related professionals. It will basically notify them about recent economic events so that they can make better-informed decisions and prepare their trades in a more confident way.

The Forex SMS Alerts service is a paid one, and upon signing up you will have to specify exactly which currencies you intend to track and the exact timeframe when you want to receive SMS alerts on your mobile. That is, using this service you can track several currency pairs at once and learn all about Forex events via SMS messages every 10 or 15 or 30 minutes. You will set that down manually.

Ultimately, few are really capable of tracking all variables and events that should be taken into account when trading in Forex. Mostly, it is a matter of time. It is impossible to stay abreast of everything, and then processing all that information. There is a limit to the number of charts and indicators one can handle in one day, after all.

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More – A Network For Forex Traders

  • May 4, 2010

MeetFX.comExactly what the title of the review says: MeetFX is a new online resource that brings forex traders together, and it gives them a new live platform for interacting on as many professional levels as they might need. A set of active chatrooms is featured, but these are only one side of the whole story.

The site actually intends to leave its mark through some features that tell it apart from other similar resources which are more “static” in nature. The pivotal development is the use of a VPS of its own that goes by the name of Gallant. It provides customers of any brokerage that uses it with live access to their trading accounts over MeetFX.

Furthermore, a shopping cart functionality allows 3rd party developers and vendors to showcase their products, and members of the site to buy them and have them installed right into their own VPS accounts. This has one clear advantage, namely eliminating these installation niggles that break any user’s patience when trying to implement new EAs, indicators and related components.

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More – A Social Site For Forex Traders

  • February 24, 2010

Currensee.comCurrensee is self-touted as the first Forex trading social networking site. The basic premise is that of bringing Forex traders from all over the world together, and enable them to make trading decisions in real-time, taking into account the live way the market is shaping itself and sentiment data.

One of the most interesting aspects of operating in a network like this one is that you can keep a direct watch on the way that others are trading. You can compare your win and lose average with that of other traders, and you can also view behavioral metrics.

Membership is free, and as part of your profile you will have both information like your country of origin and a small bio. Moreover, the number of trades you have been involved with will also be displayed, so that onlookers will be able to know if you are as knowledgeable as you claim. Both your particular approach and you strategy will be highlighted, too.

Those who do particularly well will eventually become trade leaders and be followed by others, effectively realizing a revenue stream since they will be compensated for the success of their tradings, and also of the traders that follow them.

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More – A Worldwide Social Network For Traders

  • December 21, 2009

YaTrader.comYaTrader is a social networking site that unites traders from all over the world in a bid to create an international community that is bound together by the will to master the financial market. Weekly competitions are run on the site, and the idea is to allow users to try and predict the performance of real-world markets against other traders and friends, both locally and internationally.

By doing so, traders accumulate a virtual currency (named “yadollars”) that they can use to redeem for prizes in real life.

The objective of the site, then, is let both novice and seasoned traders further hone their skills by taking part of a worldwide community that is open to anybody. The one advantage a site such as this one has is that they can immerse themselves in markets ranging from all over the world, and in markets from just around the corner. It is all up to the user and the degree in which he wishes to sharpen up his predictive skills. Whether the site will accomplish the objective of making its members achieve worldwide recognition for their online activities remains moot. But the elements are in place for a promising platform.

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More – A Marketplace Of Its Own

  • September 14, 2009

SokoMarket.comThe concept of is to bring manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, sellers and buyers into one place.

Its name derives from a Swahili word that means “marketplace”, and a “Soko” was originally a spot where early traders could meet up and learn from others. This website attempts to capture that spirit and let traders become immersed in a place where they can interact and conduct businesses while learning from more knowledgeable people, as well as developing bonds of trust.

This social site offers different levels of trading. For example, small time sellers can easily list individual products to be purchased right from their websites. On the other hand, any business that deals with bulk sales is likewise accounted for. Each and every listing comes with detailed product information and pictures for display to potential buyers. It is always possible to send inquiries and receive quotations from other users, while functionalities like the provided real-time chat interface make for enhanced communication.

All in all, the site makes it possible for traders to conduct businesses in a context where common humanity (and not merely making a profit) is the driving force all along. That is an interesting approach, and I am certain many will relish the chance of doing businesses in a way that upholds human values and virtues.

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More – The Impact Of News On The Forex Market

  • September 7, 2009

NewsImpact.comNewsImpact is a website which was started by two Forex traders, and which is aimed at those who trade in said market, no matter in which part of the world they might be based. This service enables traders to receive economic news, gauge their impact on the market, and act in consequence.

The market data is presented in the form of snapshots, and more than 60 different economic indicators are taken into account, with twenty-four currency pair charts in multiple timeframes for every economic release. Traders will find these charts useful because they are developed by people in a similar position, who understand the way the market is conformed and how it is affected by any event.

Moreover, a service of mobile alerts is provided. These are sent in the shape of SMS messages, and they give users news and price updates in real time. Besides, Price Alerts play out the all-important function of notifying traders when the price levels they have set on the platform have been reached. Of course, traders who can not stay in front of a terminal all day will find this feature vital. And since the service is international, those traders who intend to be fully abreast of any given market will be able to do so 24/7, as long as they have access to their mobile devices.

The idea, then, is to enable users to have an overview of the events that can modify the market and provide them with that very information right where they are and when they might need it. An account can be created for free, so that if you want to get started you can do it on the spot.

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SailboatTraderOnline.Com – Sailboat Trader Online

  • June 3, 2008

SailboatTraderOnline.ComAre you looking for new and used boats for sale? is a useful site for you to visit in case you want to buy a boat. The Boat Trader gives you the chance to use its search engine to find every power boat manufacturer, including Cobalt and Sea Ray boats.

Wold you like to buy a new power boat? If that is your case, enter This site allows you to search for new and used boats for sale by boat type, manufacturer, length, and location. What is more, you can get buying tips and learn how to sell your power boat.

T sum up, if you want to buy a new power boat or a used boat, this site might be of your interest. SailboatTraderOnline.Com provides you with a search engine you can use to find boats for sale, including Sea Ray boats. Besides, you can find a buyer for your boat on this site. SailboatTraderOnline.Com

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More – DVD Trading Community

  • September 21, 2007

MyDVDTrader.comWelcome to MyDVDTrader, the DVD trading community for the serious entertainment fan in you. Just sign up for a free account and start enjoying the great member service which include trading or renting your DVDs, CDs or video games.

Also when you list your available items, you earn free trade points, good towards any item you request, when you complete a trade, thus no purchase is really necessary. A very useful feature that offers this site is the recommended trades.

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More – RV Trader Magazine Online

  • August 21, 2007

RVTraderOnline.comAre you looking for the perfect RV? Trying to sell your RV? offers a complete service for those seeking recreational vehicles, and guarantees you will find the RV that best fulfills your needs.

If you are interested in buying or just getting informed, at you can browse the vehicles by location, manufacturer, model, dealer, size, scope and capabilities. Furthermore, if you are interested in selling your own RV, you can advertise it on, and by this you will receive incredible exposure and results just because your RV will be showed internationally 24/7. You can also subscribe for free to the eNewsletter “The RV Insider” and by this become an RV insider, receiving monthly Rv industry news, tips on how to get the most out of, online trends, featured dealers and special promotions. They also provide users with a blog, where buyers and sellers can learn from each other and sell or buy their RV’s.

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