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  • March 7, 2012

Tradesparq.comTradesparq is a B2B social network for the global trade industry. It brings together suppliers, volume buyers and trade service providers, and it lets them connect among themselves using an advanced matching system that takes into account aspects like the products being dealt with and all their shared relationships. If you become a member of Tradesparq (you can sign up for an account here – it costs nothing), then any search you carry through the site is going to produce results based on who you already know, and the way in which you connect to the products in question.

The Tradesparq database already features hundreds of thousands of products, and these are posted by suppliers from all over the world. If you connect with a supplier (or if you begin following him) then you’ll get to know about all his latest releases by way of real-time updates. And you’ll also be the first to know about special offers, new acquisitions and expansion news. That’s one of the best features of Tradesparq, actually: how it lets you track the activity of your trade partners from one single location.

Besides, the reputation and reliability of all Tradesparq members can be quickly verified by reading the references that other members have written for them. And you (as a registered user of the service) will also receive such references.

What’s every bit as important, members of Tradesparq can post upcoming trade shows, seminars and conferences. This can be done for free, and a search tool is provided for you to find events both in the area you live in, and in any region that you plan to visit soon.

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