More – Rent Toys For Your Children

  • February 28, 2011

Toygaroo.comToygaroo is a new online toy rental service that is available all over the US. Using this service, parents can have toys delivered straight to their doorsteps and once 30 days (or more) have elapsed have them returned in exchange for a new shipment. All of these toys are sanitized (a three-step cleaning process is implemented by the company), and some of the featured brands include LeapFrog, International Playthings, ImagAbility, HABA and Fisher Price.

This is a very interesting service, but I am sure some parents are asking, what if my son grows attached to one of these toys? Well, that scenario has already been weighed up. If your little one does grow fond of any of the toys that were part of the shipment, then you will be given the option to purchase it for him at a discounted price. And the same applies if any of the toys is broken – if your son breaks anything, you retain the toy by paying less than it would cost you at a store.

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