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  • February 8, 2010

TorrentsLibrary.comThere are so many sites for looking up torrents that some might left wondering where to head to in order to launch a search, and that process alone can take longer than the actual search itself. Most people I know simply execute a search from any major engine with the name of what they are looking for plus the word “torrent”.

That certainly works, but it is even better to have a site you can turn to each and every time. After all, when you centralize anything you save both time and effort. Something as simple as looking for any kind of file on the WWW is no exception. And if you are yet to find a portal to cater for your torrent-related needs, this one can be of help.

Going by the descriptive name of Torrents, its database is made of over three million live torrent files. These are arranged by category, and searching them up is as easy as you could possibly want. In addition to that, all torrent files are regularly checked for live seeds, whereas the site makes room for the voice of the community since torrents can be voted or commented by even non-registered users.

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