More – Find & Download Torrents Much Faster

  • November 18, 2010

UltraTorrent.orgThis is an application for the ones who are yet to find their definitive torrent client. It is not that Ultra Torrent stands heads and shoulders over the rest, but it is a fully-featured application that gets all the basic operations done quickly and correctly. You can learn what people have to say about any file you are keen on getting, you can download multiple files at once, you can stop transfers and resume them later on…

And Ultra Torrent acquits itself particularly well when it comes to looking torrents up. It has an integrated system that makes it very easy to search and download torrents at the same time. You input a search, it will show you the available files and then you will be able to start downloading the ones that you become interested in right away.

In this way, the act of looking any torrent up and actually downloading it becomes one and the same.

And Ultra Torrent is a free application. You can get a copy on the site, and installation takes just a couple of minutes. When it is done, you will be able to start searching and downloading torrents in a way that will feel more natural than the ones you might have been using up to that point.

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More – Download Files From Everywhere

  • September 1, 2010

Leechpack.comLeechpack can be termed a download toolkit that will give you access to 15 of the most popular filesharing hosts on the Internet in the same place. By signing up for a Leechpack account you will become capable of fetching, storing and downloading files (and torrents) from sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, DepositFiles, Megashares and a lot more for a fraction of the cost.

And in addition to giving you access to so many hosts, you get to see a real-time feed which showcases what everyone else is fetching, and what are the most downloaded files and torrents.

As a service, Leechpack is Windows, Mac and Linux friendly. And it is also compatible with your favorite download manages, so that you are ensured lightning-speed downloads in one way or the other.

All in all, quite an interesting service. There are really no comparable websites – nowhere else do you have the chance to download files and torrents from so many sources in such an easy way. But don’t take my word for it, sign up for a free account and test it yourself.

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More – Find All The Torrents You Might Want

  • August 17, 2010

Torrentspath.comThere is certainly no shortage of sites you can turn to in order to get all the torrents that you are after, and this particular one is as good as it gets. It will let you look any torrent up, and it will inform you of the exact number of seeders and lechers who have got the file.

Most importantly, it will tell you whether the torrent is actually a verified one or not, so that you will ensure that you won’t waste your time downloading a file for the best part of a day only to find you got something that wasn’t what you really wanted.

The main page is very informative, and it will always let you see the latest torrents that have been added along with the ones that have proven to be more popular among users of the site. You will likewise be able to visualize the top seeded torrents of all time, and see if you can make any interesting discovery like that. And you can also give the “Popular tags” section a good look. Any way or the other, the chances of you finding something interesting to download are maximized through a site like TorrentsPath.

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More – Find & Get The Latest Torrents

  • July 20, 2010

TorrentsWave.comWould you like to download music? Are you looking for torrents? offers a variety of different torrents for you to download any type of file you are looking for. On Torrents Wave you will find movies and music, as well as television shows and software for you to download. offers a variety of movies and software you can download easily with their torrents. On this site you can find music download programs and DJ mixing software, as well as audio editing programs. In addition you can download the latest music torrents, as well as midi music software.

Are you looking for music torrents? Do you want to download audio editing programs? If that is so, you will find this site useful. On you can find video editing software to download for free, as well as music download programs and DJ mixing software, in addition to the latest music torrents.

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More – Find & Download Torrents

  • April 22, 2010

TorrentsLand.comThere is nothing easier than looking for torrents online, and as long as sites such as this one keep on being released that won’t change from a long, long time. Whether it is “right” to download a torrent or not is an entirely different matter, of course.

That boils down to each of us. The fact remains that if you are looking for any movie, music album or software application you will be capable of getting nearer it here.

I suppose you have used a site like this one before, but just in case: you get the chance to launch a general search, or pick a category in order to refine the results that will be put your way. That is vital when you are looking up music that is available both on CD and DVD like live albums such as “Okonokos” by My Morning Jacket and so on.

Alternatively, you can choose a category and start browsing the site in order to see what you find. These include the ones mentioned in the first paragraph along with others such as “Anime” and “TV”, and you can always visualize the number of new daily additions to each category in a small counter displayed right besides its title.

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More – Find All The Torrents You Want

  • April 15, 2010

TorrentsLib.comTorrentsLib is a tool you can turn to when you need to find a torrent file (any torrent file), and you want the job done quickly and right. The site operates in the same fashion that others such as the Pirate Bay – you supply a term or a couple of terms that define what you are looking for, and then your search is executed.

Of course, you can always circumscribe the search by specifying that only one category from the many on offer be looked through. These include “Music”, “Movies”, “TV Shows”, “Games” and “Applications”.

Moreover, the main page highlights the “Latest Most Popular” torrents in every single one of the featured categories. And a generous list of the most sought-after terms is provided so that you will always know what other people are keen on. These sections act as a true discovery mechanism, as you can always pick up a new movie or a new game to try out like this. Having such an option does never goes amiss, specially considering the rate at which new media and applications surface.

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More – Find Torrent Files On The Spot

  • February 8, 2010

TorrentsLibrary.comThere are so many sites for looking up torrents that some might left wondering where to head to in order to launch a search, and that process alone can take longer than the actual search itself. Most people I know simply execute a search from any major engine with the name of what they are looking for plus the word “torrent”.

That certainly works, but it is even better to have a site you can turn to each and every time. After all, when you centralize anything you save both time and effort. Something as simple as looking for any kind of file on the WWW is no exception. And if you are yet to find a portal to cater for your torrent-related needs, this one can be of help.

Going by the descriptive name of Torrents, its database is made of over three million live torrent files. These are arranged by category, and searching them up is as easy as you could possibly want. In addition to that, all torrent files are regularly checked for live seeds, whereas the site makes room for the voice of the community since torrents can be voted or commented by even non-registered users.

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More – A Direct Way To Procure Legal Torrents

  • November 3, 2009

TaffyBox.comIf anybody didn’t know what on Earth a torrent was, he probably knows by now after all the headlines made by the Pirate Bay’s case. And if some of these newcomers want to get their hands on some legal torrents yet they have no idea how to set going, this will be a fitting site.

We could describe it quite competently as a browser-based search engine that makes for downloading any torrent file right on the spot. That’s it. No need to download a client like Halite and setting it up. You simply key in you search term, and if a legal torrent is available you will be capable of procuring it without batting an eyelid.

This is incredibly useful if only because people are reticent to install an application after the other, and most are particularly at sea when it comes to torrents. I became acquainted with the concept thanks to my older brother, so I know in the flesh that anything which acts as a sort of guide is a true stepping stone. And I have found this site a very, very suitable way of dipping your feet into the world of torrent files. It is practical and nurturing enough so as to motivate anybody to procure his first torrent client afterwards.

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TorrentSee.Com – Search Engine

  • January 30, 2009

TorrentSee.ComThis is a new Meta search engine that will give to its users the novel possibility of searching from a big number of torrent files.

One of the best things about this tool is the fact that you can get information about anything you may imaging, due to the fact that this engine has more than 2 millions of torrents files indexed.

At the home page, users will find a search box where to enter the word they want to know about, and the system will immediately search for them all the related videos, songs, in addition to all kind of archives they might be looking for.

You can also get access to a site called, where you can download actually 150 GB of information for free, as well as the where you can download your free software.

At the web site, you will be able to search for a wide variety of topics, and just by clicking at the tags appearing at the homepage, you can get information right away.

You can also get to be a part of this site’s blog in order to share information with your fellow bloggers.


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More – Bit-torrent Search Engine

  • October 14, 2008

Torrentfly.orgA new search engine for torrents has just been released to online users. On you will find a particular tool that follows in the trail that other similar applications have carved. In case you are interested in learning about this software torrents search, feel free to stop by

Are you looking for a book torrents search? Would you like to use a top torrents search engine? If that is the case, might be a good option to keep in mind. In addition, this search engine for torrents not only look up for torrent files in torrent hosts and it also filters the results, so torrents that are fake or corrupt are left out.

To sum up, if you are interested in finding a search engine for torrents you can use for free, in addition to a book torrents search and others, could be the right site for you to visit.

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More – Downloads Made Easy

  • October 3, 2008

DownloadAnyStuff.orgTalk about having a self-explanatory name. A site like this is mainly geared towards individuals who wish to download files of any ilk (movies, the latest music, you name it) without having to deal with programs like Halite, Utorrent or any of the existing P2P applications, or for those who are looking for torrent files and don’t know where to find them.

The mechanics of the site are as follows. You simple key in the relevant word or words and a set of corresponding links is produced. The search engine itself is powered by Google, and it comes complete with refinement labels that will make it easier to narrow down the results this search tool can wield. For instance, if you are looking for a specific soundtrack (let’s say “The Dark Knight” soundtrack) you type in your keywords and click on the “Songs” tag. This way you won’t have to browse through endless files which are relevant to your search query but which fall into different categories.

Lastly, if for any reason you wish to contact the team behind this project you can do so by addressing your e-mails to [email protected].

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More – The Power Of Forums

  • May 30, 2008 is basically a an incredibly large forum for all those users who like discussing about the web’s latest news and ultimate software.

Is for this reason that in you can feel as if you were in the most democratic of the societies, because you can post your opinions, dialogue with other users, and upload almost any file you want. Of course, to do this, you have to be part of the community. This means that you have to login; and to login, you have to register. But don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anything, it’s a free and quick registration. When you are already a page’s user, you are granted additional permissions, and increased capabilities. However, if you are new to and want to see what it’s about, you can navigate through the sections on the top of your screen. These sections include information about programs, guides, news, and even a dictionary.

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More – Real-Time Torrent Results That Work

  • March 18, 2008

NowTorrents.comNowTorrents is a great real-time torrent search engine that only shows
real results unlike some other sites claiming to do the same. It has
great Firefox and IE 7 plug-ins, clear and easy to read layout and
fast results.

NowTorrents does not host any torrents, they just make
them findable. All the results show up in the appropriate categories
which makes finding the right torrents extremely easy. Also their ‘Box
Office’ feature is great for finding the latest movies. Another neat
feature is that NowTorrents is able to detect and remove fake/dead

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Catodicos – Changing the way you watch TV shows

  • December 29, 2007

Catodicos is a social network for TV Shows addicts.

However it is not just a service that lets you comment on shows, episodes or characters, or follow you friends’ favorite shows: Catodicos gives you access to relevant media content for each episode, and a personal schedule for being up to date with all the shows you are following.

In a glimpse, Catodicos offers:

– Info about shows, characters, actors or episodes, leting users comment and rate them.
– Relevant content for each show: Access to the actual episode in many flavors (link to Amazon unbox for buying it (if you live in the US), link to the episode’s torrent, embeded webisode, link to subtitles). No hosted content, just link to third parties.
– Aggregation of your friends and the community’s favorites, letting you discover the ‘hot’ shows of the season or week.

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More – Top Torrents

  • February 8, 2007

Torrop.comIn case you suffer from macular degeneration and you are looking for remedies to treat or prevent this disease you might want to try this website out. is the site of VitEyes, a developer and seller of eye vitamins to help you treat macular degeneration.

This website offers an online store where you can buy many eye-related remedies including vitamins and eye drops. Do you suffer from bone pain? Then, notice that on also sells remedies and supplements for bone and joint diseases

As a conclusion, in case you suffer from macular degeneration and you are looking for products to treat your disease, you can stop by and get well informed about the remedies and supplements for sale including eye drops and eye vitamins in addition to remedies to relieve bone and joint pain. Feel free to visit this website if you are looking for macular degeneration remedies.

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