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  • October 16, 2008

TopOfBlogs.comIf you are keen on blogs, you must have quickly realized that it is very easy to bypass new additions to the blogsphere even if you are actively looking out for new blogs that come along. As a result, you might be missing on something that is right for you simply because the rate of newcomers is overwhelming.

Help is at hand thanks to the Top Of Blogs website, though. As you probably have guessed by its name, what this site does is to present an ordered ranking of blogs that are doing the rounds. The most recent blogs are added to this comprehensive database after being manually reviewed to ensure the directory features only high quality sites. Blogs are ranked on various criteria allowing visitors to search the best blogs by category, tag, country, or language.

An ample set of visualization categories are presented on the left-hand side of the main page. For instance, you can visualize the best blogs based on Google PageRank, or based on Alexa rank. Feedcount and Technorati figures can also be taken into consideration.

It is also possible to arrange the featured blogs by theme, and in this case you can have your pick from a myriad categories that (by way of example) include “Computers”, “Music”, “Movies”, “Art” and “Science”.

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