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  • November 5, 2008

TopBlank.comSelf-dubbed as “a socially interactive website that provides top lists of great ideas, tips, do’s, dont’s and useful everyday knowledge that can be put to practice”, Top Blank is your one-resource for these times when you are low on inspiration, or when you want to while away some hours by reading lists of quick tips and facts. The site caters for those who don’t feel like reading huge articles, but are prone to reading succinct explanations instead.

The site claims to include top lists that span virtually every possible subject, and these are grouped on the main page. The latest additions to the database are spotlighted, and you can also easily access an “Archives” section from the opening screen.

When all is said and done, Top Blank is a useful resource for finding tips and information, both for serious uses (like promoting yourself or your business) and for leisure purposes.

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