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12 Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs Now

12 Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs Now

Are you thinking about starting your own business or improving the productivity and profitability of your existing company?

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Lillilooloo is a site that aims to help both young and seasoned consultants do their jobs in a more relaxed way, and achieve a highly professional performance at the same time. We could define the site as something akin to a shared back-office where consultants can stop by and look for mostly everything they could need. This includes sample work, toolkits, methodologies… they will also be able to communicate with other consultants...

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Sep22 – Gordon & Kenny Business Group

Members of the Gordon-Kennedy-Gouldberg Business Group can both learn about upcoming events and download business development ideas on this site. has been built as the ultimate online resource for all that’s connected with the Gordon-Kennedy-Gouldberg Business Group, and it is split in three main sections. These are “Diamond Independent Business Owners”, “Workshops” and...

Read More – OpenSource UI Toolkit for Creating Web Apps

Jitsu is an open source toolset for building cool, innovative web apps. Apart from the hip appellation, Jitsu features an XML markup language, page compiler, animation engine, Ajax, and runtime inspector, among other things. Its implementation of Ajax makes it designer friendly, which is crucial for building consumer web applications. It’s got client-side data binding to make for rapid iterations, meaning changes are easy to achieve...

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