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  • May 12, 2008

Tombraiderchronicles.comTom Raider started being a game; a few years ago its motion picture was released. Lara Croft, the heroin of this game, was performed by the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

Now this game has become a kind of cult for many people. is a web site created by fans, and for fans. It provides information about Lara Croft and Tom Raider, from the very beginning to the latest news. If you click on the Fans section, you will find some Tomb Raider fan artwork, and more content created by fans. If you want to create, or have already created, pictures of TR, you can check out the forum for further instructions. You can also watch the creations and leave you opinion. By clicking on the Games section, you will find all kind of stuff related to Lara Croft’s adventures, such as screenshots, renders and artworks, trailers, wallpapers, and more. This stuff can be found at

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