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  • May 20, 2008

TomatoChip.comAre you looking for the best deals on your PC and Macintosh peripherals? Look no further than

What is is the official website of the Tomato Chip Company. Tomato Chip has been the main computer peripheral, electronics and accessories retailer for PC and Macintosh users since 1999. is a super site that hosts a super store, a Macintosh store, a KVM Switch store, and a clearance store. The products offers are hand selected by their trusted buyers, meaning that you will only receive the best deal on the best products, according to millions of customers. Tomato Chip only started as a physical store, but now has been re-launched since 2003 as an online superstore. At, you won’t find the same old complicated rebates and gimmick pricing that other stores offer their customers, the only thing you’ll find is everyday low prices. If you’re looking for the best priced and best made products and accessories for your computer, just head to and experience the difference.

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