More – Compare Your Shopping Options

  • February 19, 2009

TolMol.comThis site will come in quite handy for all the readers we have in India. Broadly speaking, TolMol is an eCommerce resource that will let anybody in such region of the world compare and contrast prices when it comes to products of every kind.

As far as categories go, no angle is left unattended. Perennial favorites like “Clothing & Accessories”, “Computers & Peripherals” and “Home & Garden” all make an appearance, whereas those looking for items such as jewelry and watches are also catered for. Moreover, there is a category entitled “Faith & Beliefs” that includes gemstones and spiritual products.

For its part, it is possible to shop by sellers and read the reviews that others have posted. Of course, when you have shopped at one of these you will also be able to submit reviews of your own.

As it is always the case, you can see the most popular items and the lists others have created. Sellers of note are likewise featured in the section that goes by the relevant name, whereas a “Shop Smart” category gathers together resources like a free auto quotes provider as well as giving access to travel deals.

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