More – Share Your Goals

  • February 22, 2011

TodaysGoal.comThis is a new platform for the sharing of goals. On this site, people can tell everybody about their aims and objectives. The idea is to receive their insight and feedback in exchange, and become further motivated to make them come true – users of the site can cheer each other on, and share all the successes that materialize.

Each goal that is submitted is categorized. Some of the most popular categories include Life, Love, Extreme, Health, Money and Spiritual. And the site highlights the goals of the day on its main page. You can also have a look at all the goals that were posted on the past week and the whole past month (if you are curious-enough, that is). In fact, it is even possible to see all the goals for the current year.

And having both a Top Goals and a Flop Goals category is a really nice inclusion, if only because these categories can give everybody a good idea of how high they should really keep their aspirations.

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