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More – Helping Our Kids Survive

  • May 22, 2008

TobaccoFreeKids.orgDo you feel sick in the stomach when you see a mother smoking in front of her children? There are way too many kids that are been affected by the deadly smoke of tobacco every year. The statistics are in, 181,103 kids have become regular smokers in 2008.

60,368 of those children will die prematurely from their addiction to tobacco. Fortunately there are campaigns around the world that are trying to do something about it. But, what we need now is action. Stop kids suffering from tobacco related illnesses and premature death from inhaling tobacco smoke now. Where do you go? Visit is an organization that is informing parents about the effects of tobacco on their children, imposing tobacco related bans, and helping kids have healthier lifestyles. How can you help fight the effects tobacco is having on our youth? On you will find information on how you can put a stop to the tobacco crisis. One way is by donating to the campaign. There are many other ways of putting a stop to this and all the information is listed on the website. Visit now, and make a change.

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