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More – Toasted Rice Cereal

  • February 17, 2008

RiceKrispies.comThis is the site for the Rice Krispies from the Kellogg’s cereals. All of you might know the Kellogg’s cereals, the ones of the Tigger.

If you do not know all the product line of this company this is a good chance to check out the Rice Krispies page where you will be able to get to know a bit more about the product. At the site you will find categories such as the box of fun, playgorund, cookbook, operation spark, the tale, cupboard, the spoonful and treasure box. If you like you can also check out the products section where you will get information about Kellogg’s products. Some of the products are Rice Krispies Cereals, Rice Krispies treats and after-school smiles. Moreover, you can also find out about the recepies. The site contains its featured recipe and original recipe. So if you want to check them out and see how you can make a great treat for your children they are available for you. So visit and have great time.

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