More – A Web App For Best Men Everywhere

  • March 19, 2010

BestManApp.comBeing the best man at a wedding is certainly an honor, but it is also a source of stress – all eyes will be on you when it is time to make your speech, and you will have to exert yourself in order to come up with something witty and moving at the same time.

That is not something that lies within just anybody’s grasp, of course.

And that is why this new web application is so interesting – it will let users check out great best man speeches and also guide them step by step when they are creating their very own. A list of jokes is also provided along with a list of toasts. And once it is all over, the user can send the speech over to the couple via the site and let them keep it as a memento.

This application is accessible from anywhere a web-enabled computer or device is available, and all major operating systems are supported. As a result, Windows, Mac and Linux users will be able to take advantage of it and (hopefully) give a speech to remember and come back time after time.

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More – Buy Wines Online

  • May 19, 2008

MyWinesDirect.comDo you enjoy a good glass of wine with your meals? Are you fond of toasting special moments with your friends? The problem is that with so many labels out there, choosing a wine has become increasingly more difficult. At My Wines Direct you will find a carefully selected number of wines to make drinking an enjoyable experience once again.

You’ll enhance your wine enjoyment with expertly selected wines, making the experience of buying easy, reliable, and convenient. You can shop for individual wines or purchase one of the many specially selected 6 and 12 bottle packs. Either way there are no shipping charges involved and you’ll receive the wines at your doorstep. If you want to show someone you care, choose one of the gift baskets that offers, you’re sure to be appreciated. Both you and the recipient of the gift will enjoy a welcome wine guide, exclusive promotions, and first notice of new finds.

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