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More – Don’t Go Over Your Budget

  • May 22, 2008

Spendji.comSpendji helps users organize and monitor their projects and budgets. With Spendji you can monitor everything from your wedding schedule and budget to your weekly spending so you can save up for a car.

Once you register with the site which takes 2 seconds you can begin by adding a spending plan. Give you plan a title such as “4th of July party”. You will then be lead to the navigation page where you can use the many tools Spendji offers. You can complete your Spendji profile then start recording your spending, create a budget, research prices, request or send money, add a to-do item, upload a file, conduct a poll, post a message and much more. Spendji equips users with calendars, to-do lists and many more tools to help aid them in their spending plan. Sometimes you need the input of others so Spendji allows users to invite friends so they can all collaborate and work together. All of the tools are communal so you can share documents and send notifications. Spendji provides all of the necessary tools for planning the budget of any event. Don’t go over your budget make a spending plan at

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