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  • May 28, 2008

Muspace.comMulti-User Space is a company operated since 1996 in California USA. Their objective is to pursue projects in information technologies, feature and documentary film production, animation, book publication, furniture and other lifestyle product design and urban renewal in developing economies.

Among the non-profit activities engaged by this company include rehabilitation and long term residential planning and contribute to economy and community growth. In this site all the information that you can find is about what the company pursues and also about what the company engages in matters of non-profit activities. If you might have any questions about any of the contents of this site, then you can use the information published here which is an e-mail address, to contact a representative of this site. The company does not provide any other kind of information whatsoever in this website. If you are currently working in any of the areas mentioned above, then you can use the contact information as well to find out more about how this company can help your project.

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