TixSux.com – Avoid Being Ticketed Again

  • December 21, 2009

TixSux.comBeing ticketed because you have forgotten to move your car is a common occurrence, and a highly infuriating one. When that has happened, there is really nothing that could be done.

And taking all the necessary steps for ensuring that will not happen is not easy because forgetting to move your car is easy, specially if you are engaged into any operation that breaks up your routine and that affects your sense of time. Now, having someone there to remind you would be the right thing to do. And a service like TixSux is exactly that – somebody that will remind you to move your car before it is too late.

It does so by tweeting you out when the time comes. That is, you have to follow “Tixsux” on Twitter and send a direct message that includes you phone number along with the time and day that you have to be notified. The relevant notification will be then put your way.

Twitter apps are certainly useful, notwithstanding how simple they might happen to be. TixSux is an excellent example – something which is easy to use and incredibly helpful at the same time. After all, is there a better tool for dealing with reminders than a real-time platform such as Twitter?

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