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  • June 11, 2008

Heavenlytiramisu.comTiramisu is a very popular desert that originated in Italy. It is made by dipping savoiardi, also known as lady fingers, into coffee and then layering them with mascarpone cream, the dish is then coated in a layer of cocoa powder.

The name Tiramisu comes from the Italian phrase that means pick me up, because many people also add rum to the mascarpone cream to give the dish an added kick to the delicate but intense flavor. If you would like to learn more about this delicious desert and would like some preparation tips, recipe variations or the chance to view comments and photos about other people’s tiramisu experiences then you might like to visit www.heavenlytiramisu.com. This site also allows its visitors to post there own comments, photos or recipes so that every lover of tiramisu can learn from each other. The site is very well designed and has a simple lay out, it also contains a history of tiramisu and ingredient information. Heavenlytiramisu.com

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