TipWriter.com – Sharing Tips With Everybody

  • May 11, 2010

TipWriter.comWe could define TipWriter as a location where tips are freely shared among members of the online community. The inspiration behind the site seems to be that everybody is good at something, and that he has knowledge that others could benefit from.

The site intends to become a platform where everybody has a ready chance to let his expertise shine, and help others achieve their personal/professional goals.

Strangely enough, the site does not have a menu split into different categories for you to focus on one. Instead, you are provided with a cloud of trending tags. This has the advantage of letting you know all about common interests at any given moment, but I think one does not exclude the other. A list of categories goes hand in hand with a cloud of tags.

Leaving that niggle aside, the site is easy to use and certainly to-the-point. You can always launch a search and see if someone has already posted an article or a guide regarding anything you want to master.

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