ResidentVisitor.com – Real Data About Many Destinations

  • October 23, 2009

ResidentVisitor.comIn case you are thinking about traveling and you are not sure where to go, Residentvisitor.com is going to be an appealing solution you can check to be provided with the services of a fast system that was created to make your planning simpler.

As you already know, search engine results are not as accurate as you would like them to be when it comes to giving you the kind of information when you want to discover multiple places to go to. This site will solve these problems because it gives you local advice and opinions so you can have a realistic idea of the place you are traveling to.

One engaging feature displayed by this service is the fact that it gives both residents and visitors the chance to contribute with their views and perspectives about a wide range of destinations. In this way you will be allowed to compare these opinions and find a rich group of categories including restaurants, bars and nightclubs and anything you need to have a great vacation. Other categories include sports, clinics and museums, in addition to other spots you would like to visit when you travel to a different place.

Users that want to be benefited by the services provided by a community of travelers and residents will find a helpful tool to learn more about many places right away. Residentvisitor.com is a quite novel resource, and it is worth visiting for sure.

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Useful Data About Fashion – Fashion-Tips.co.uk

  • October 21, 2009

Useful Data About FashionThere are many blogs where you can find a range of fashion tips you can be benefited with in order to look better. Those looking for an accurate source of information about these matters will find on this site an enjoyable option in order to learn more about makeup and beauty.

On this attractive blog you are gong to find many fashion trends and ideas you can use in order to make your nails and hair looking better and much more. There are different topics you will be able to be informed about and the best way for you to learn about them is by visiting this blog at Fashion-Tips.co.uk

Useful Data About Fashion

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Relatious.com – A Space For Talking About Love

  • October 20, 2009

Relatious.comLove is the driving force of life from start to finish, and as such it is a permanent topic of conversation. Did you really think the WWW was aloof to that? Rather, did you think that micro-blogging (the development of the decade as far as communications go) could pay no heed to that? If that was indeed the case, you were considerably deluded – simply give the RelatioUS site a try and see how micro-blogging and such a topic go hand in glove.

On the site, people can talk about just anything they want as regards the relationships they are into, the ones they have been a part of, and those that they hope to strike up eventually. People can open themselves up and let everybody know about the things that break their hearts, as well as the ones that renew them.

If there is a topic that lends itself to conversation, that is love. Ultimately, that is the one strength of the site – everybody has something to say when it comes to that, and its potential public is as wide as the number of individuals who enjoy surfing the web on a daily basis.

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Understand The Way Games Work – Isotx.com/WordPress

  • October 19, 2009

Understand The Way Games WorkThis online resource was especially created with the intention of helping users to understand games in a simple way. In case you are curious about any game’s process of development, as well as the effort it takes to get it ready for you to play for a couple of minutes, this is the right place for you to stop by.

If you are considering the chance of working in the gaming industry, this is going to be a good source of data for you to take a look at in order to be well informed about a wide range of subjects. In case you want to read interesting interviews and articles, and get tips and tricks about different games, fell free to take a look at this blog at Isotx.com/Wordpress Understand The Way Games Work

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For Those Keen On Creative Writing – HuntingTheMuse.com

  • October 16, 2009

For Those Keen On Creative WritingBeing a writer is one thing. Being a writing enthusiast is another.

Both are respectable, but there is a distance separating one from the other. If you would like to go that distance, visiting a blog like Hunting The Muse is a good bet. Basically, it deals with every single aspect appertaining to creative writing. Guidance is provided on how to set down thoughts in a way that is memorable and enticing, and also on how to proceed once your work is done and you want to get it published.

Writing is one of the best ways in which you can reach out for others, and motivate them to reflect on their lives and go one step beyond. Let’s face it – we all have felt like writing at one time or the other in our lives. A resource such as this one will provide everybody with what it takes to start articulating thoughts in an effective fashion. For Those Keen On Creative Writing

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Write More & Better – WriteOnCreative.com/blog

  • October 16, 2009

Write More & BetterWriting is not really something for everybody. That is, every single person has a story to tell.

But not everybody will have the finesse for conveying it into words that others could enjoy or be inspired by. Still, I am certain that with practice even those who have some difficulties to begin with will be able to improve by leaps and bound. And a blog such as this one might as well be the place to learn how you could fine tune your skills in a very direct manner.

Aspects such as wordplay are extensively discussed alongside stylistic considerations that range far and wide. Topics like the advantage that short copy has over long copy are discussed as well, and the post I liked best was one entitled “Living the Writing Dream and Eating, too”. Could a struggling writer find a more interesting post on the WWW? Write More & Better

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BigStartups.com – A Meeting Place For Startup Companies

  • October 13, 2009

BigStartups.com“Bringing the startup community together!” is the motto of this new resource. What it does is to provide a meeting point for startup companies in which they can narrate their experiences, including their hits and misses so far.

Of course, such a spot is also a launching pad for brand-new initiatives, and a place where the ones looking for business partners can find them in as direct a way as possible.

I think you can mostly imagine the title of some of the featured posts, but just in case I will enumerate a couple: “The Emotional Toll of a Startup”, “Bootstrapping is for Lovers” and “Bartering Your Services: How to do it right”.

Starting up is always – always – hard. There is so much information that has to be weighed up, and even the smallest mistake can snowball and take a whole project down. A community site such as this one has the objective of letting anybody learn from the successes and mistakes others have made, and (hopefully) let him travel the road ahead focusing on his original vision and how to get there avoiding unnecessary stumbling blocks.

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All About Soccer – DoSoccer247.com

  • October 6, 2009

All About SoccerSoccer is a great sport and this is a great soccer blog that was created to reach coaches and players that want to get interesting information about their sport, as well as tips about soccer fitness, youth soccer and much more.

With a simple design and special sections this is going to be a good place for you to take a look at when it comes to reading about the latest transfers as well as the most important soccer leagues in the world.

Do not hesitate to give this blog a visit and you will certainly find the right article for you to be well informed about soccer. All About Soccer

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Kitchen-Cabinets-Tips.com – A Free Design Guide

  • June 21, 2008

Kitchen-Cabinets-Tips.comRefurbishing your home, either the whole of it or only one room, is usually a complicated and messy thing. In order to prevent this from happening, the best you can do is thoroughly research your options and learn a bit about design tricks to help you maximize storage, light or workspace, so that you can work with your architect or contractor in a cooperative relationship; Kitchen-Cabinets-Tips.

com can be of great help when it comes to redesigning your kitchen, as it encompasses a variety of to-the-point advice on the things you should try to give priority to when planning your cabinets, choosing materials or deciding on a kind of faucet over the next. The site doesn’t hold plans in itself, rather introductory articles to help users better understand important design details. When you’re done reading the articles at Kitchen-Cabinets-Tips.com, it could be a good idea to explore the links area to find about providers and professionals who could help you build your dream kitchen. Kitchen-Cabinets-Tips.com

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Yoursecretmessage.org – The Advice Of Your Life

  • June 4, 2008

Yoursecretmessage.orgHow do I know if a guy likes me? Questions like these are some of life’s mysteries, and can result in finding the love of your life, or either getting you into trouble. Now, here is a tool that will help you if you get too nervous in these situations, or misunderstand the signals of the heart.

Yoursecretmessage.org is a site that assists people in the heart’s matters, and has the right tips for you to have in mind when the time comes. When a decision matters so much, you just do not want to be wrong, no matter what. Of course, you are able to take your own decisions, and find your way though life. But this experience comes at your personal cost, because you have to pay for your mistakes. The problem is that when you ask your friend for an opinion, they give you the wrong message. How do you know if one of your friends has a crush on you? Find your answers and suitable advices in Yoursecretmessage.org. Yoursecretmessage.org

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CatsInfo.com – All About The Domestic Cat

  • May 21, 2008

CatsInfo.comIt’s fair to say that this site is closest to cat lover heaven the internet has to offer: aggregating everything domestic cat-related, by visiting this site you’ll be able to learn technical and hearsay information about all known breeds, behavior and training, nutrition and health, plus you’ll find a very comprehensive library of suggested books to go on reading about these topics. CatsInfo.

com targets a very wide audience encompassing veteran owners and people who are only starting to think about having a cat; if you belong to this last group, it could be a good idea to check out what the ‘New Kitten’ area of the site has to say, as you’ll find great tips to prepare yourself, your house, children and the kitten itself to her new accommodation; the Breed area hosts a detailed history and profile of each kind of cat, links to breeders’ websites, plus some information on whether they make good pets or not; I was expecting to be able to search breeds based on the profile of the human, like whether it is an elderly person, or if there are any children in the house, but unfortunately such an option is not available for the time being. If you are not so much into getting a new pet, but into parading it in a specialized show, there are some guidelines about the topic in the ‘Show your cat’ section. Care to meet other cat lovers? Don’t miss the forum area to exchange pictures, experiences and who knows, maybe you’ll get a lover for your pet too! CatsInfo.com

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Sythe.org – Did Someone Say Cheating?

  • May 19, 2008

Sythe.orgStop playing right now. In this world where people that actually finish a game without using cheats can be counted with one hand, this might as well be the perfect webpage for al the other million who do use them.

This is a gigantic forum where people from all around the world share its ideas, tips and tricks on the most popular games right now. The forum is so enormous that you actually have a search engine in which you can search for posts based on username, words in the post or just in the subject, by date, and only in particular forums. This way you will always be sure you will find your game cheat. To register, you will need to specify a username and password, and a valid email address. The forum subjects range from Runescape, Runescape Black Market (whatever that is,) and World of Warcrat Markets. You also have Technical Support, Music… If I continue naming the forums you can enter at Sythe.org, I will not ever end. So just give it a try. Sythe.org

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Mmorpguides.com – Online Source For RPG Fans

  • May 14, 2008

Mmorpguides.comIf you are one of the millions out there that has become role playing game addicts, this might as well be the site of your dreams. Mmorpguides.

com is a member exclusive website in which you can find the most up to date cheats, guides, hacks, secrets, tricks, tips, walkthrough, strategies, and more for a huge number of games. These include World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Lineage 2, Everquest 2, Runescape and many more games that are very popular at this time. It also includes help for popular online games such as Anarchy, Eve and Second Life. To get all this amazing and complete information you just need to register. It is absolutely free, and only consists of two simple steps so you can start levelling up your characters in no time! You won’t be disappointed about all the information that this site provides, and if you ever have any specific question about a game, you can check out the Forum section. Mmorpguides.com

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Dryelcoupon.com – Laundry Solutions

  • May 14, 2008

Dryelcoupon.comFor all desperate housewives out there, Dryel might as well be the perfect product for you and your laundry necessities. Dryel’s convenient, in-home system freshens clothes in about 30 minutes in your dryer and works to remove stains and odors, while helping minimize wrinkles.

Most garments are ready to wear with little to no ironing. Dryel can be used on sweaters, blouses, blazers, dresses, slacks, vests and more. The website teaches you how to use the product, as well as which fabrics can be used for it, and the way to minimize wrinkles while putting the clothes on the bag. The hints and Tips section will help you to get the best performance out of your Dryel fabric care system. Dryelcoupon.com also gives you the chance to print a coupon for four dollars off, or sent to you by mail, just by filling out a form that is on the bottom of the page. Dryelcoupon.com

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Serial-gamer.com – Your Gaming Solutions Are Here

  • May 14, 2008

Serial-gamer.comIf you are one of the millions out there, including me, which has become addicted to any computer game that comes out, Serial-gamer.com might as well be the site of your dreams.

Serial-gamer.com is a very complete website in which you can find the most up to date cheats, guides, hacks, secrets, tricks, tips, walkthrough, strategies, and more for a huge number of games. The list of the games featured is so extensive that you may want to use the search engine to look for your favourite ones. Another advantage of this complete website is that you have its version in a number of languages, so its tips, walkthroughs and tricks can get to even more people. You also have a number of online flash games to play, which are sorted into categories such as Action, Role Playing, Strategy, and more popular categories. So, you already know it. If you ever get stuck on a quest or simply are unable to level up, Serial-gamer.com will give you a solution to all of those problems. Serial-gamer.com

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CAL.org – Center For Applied Linguistics

  • April 28, 2008

CAL.orgThe Center for Applied Linguistics is dedicated to providing a comprehensive research-based information, tools, and resources related to language and culture. Among the website topics it is included English Language Learners, Foreign Language, Testing/Assessment, Literacy Education, Dialects, and more.

You have a Frequently Asked Questions section in which lots of doubts are answered, and you have the chance to e-mail your personal questions to CAL, which will be answered in no time. The Research section is very important for the site, and it features every finished research on Linguistics that CAL was able to make. You can download the summaries of the researches on PDF format. Along its resources you can find the Foreign Language Assessment Directory. This website is very useful for anyone who is learning or is considering learning a foreign language, with tips on how to do it, learning better, and many more articles on how to enhance your language learning power. CAL.org

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Preggiepeggy.com – Tips For Baby Showers

  • April 25, 2008

Preggiepeggy.comAt preggiepeggy.com you can find Baby Shower planning ideas, favours, etiquette, themes, and activities to play, invitations, games, tip for decorations, recipes, and gifts.

If you are invited to a baby shower and you need suggestions for a hostess gift, this website may help you find one. If you are planning a baby shower, here you may find some tips; what kind of prizes do you give for games winners, ideas on making a money tree for a baby shower, when is the best time to have your baby shower, and related articles such as “How to create a theme,” “Party ideas,” “Three proven ways to make your party make you the talk of the town everyday,” and much more. There are also articles about parenting, pregnancy, and preconception. If you are adopting a baby you have to celebrate too. In the website are a few thoughts about adoption baby shower. Preggiepeggy.com

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WoodworkingTips.com – Resources For Woodworkers

  • April 22, 2008

WoodworkingTips.comIf you have a way with building your own wooden stuff, carving wood or doing any other woodworking job, whether handmade or with the help of machinery, visiting this site will make your day. Three of the most relevant publications in the amateur and pro industry, Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench have produced this site, where users can take a look at limited content from the print edition of the magazines, but in turn have access to a huge knowledge base containing tips, information on techniques, tool reviews, some free project plans and an impressive library of links to other relevant woodworking sites on the web.

If you enjoyed exploring this site and discovering the useful resources it presents, probably the best way to go is to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, or to the print edition of one of the magazines whose editors contribute for this site. Also worthy of highlight is the forum area, where users can join to meet other woodworking enthusiasts, exchange tips, and even make suggestions for what the weekly newsletters should be about. WoodworkingTips.com

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ViaArena.com – Solutions For Today

  • March 18, 2008

ViaArena.comViaArena.com is the equivalent of home management tip sites: the kind of sites which put together dispersed bits and pieces of extremely useful information, advice and tools which will definitely help you have a better computer-life.

When you visit this site, you will find news mainly about hardware and OS updates, with links to external articles which will help you get the best out of your laptop’s battery or how to make sure if your PC is ready to upgrade to Vista. If you are more concerned about web-based apps, like the whole Google document and organizer suite, you can learn how to take the best of it by reading the articles available through this site. The company’s main trade is designing and selling low-energy processors, and other sustainable hardware. ViaArena.com is also source for drivers and all of VIA’s product specs, and information for Windows and Linux platforms, though all the information on the hardware and their products seems to be buried under to great articles I was mentioning before. Being useful and presenting cool news is always good, but if it makes your customers wonder if they clicked into the right link, maybe it’s time to consider the balance in the information on display. ViaArena.com

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TipJoy.com – The Joy of Giving Tips

  • February 17, 2008

TipJoy.comGranted, the joy of giving a tip is a rather remote if not altogether nonexistent experience. Now thanks to TipJoy.

com, a startup released earlier this month, you’ll get to easily tip sites, blogs and any other web-existing entity, and thus show your appreciation. Lots of the blogs and sites we love are kept as honorary hobbies, and updated not very often as a result of that, so by tipping them we could –even is ever so marginally— help them grow, or just let them know that someone cares. In order to start giving, users have to create an account with their email address (no credit card details are asked at this point yet); when visiting a site they like which has the button, in order to give a default 10¢ tip (it can be reset for as little as 5¢ to 50¢) users have to indicate their email address and that’s it. However, if the site they want to support does not feature the TipJoy button, all they have to do is submit it to the TipJoy site, which has an additional advantage: as the site you suggested gets posted in the site, you are also helping it to get more traffic.

Site owners who have a $5 minimum worth of tips to their credit can redeem the money (a 3% commission is applicable) by getting an Amazon gift card, or by donating to charity, but they can only get the money once the tipper has paid his/her account.

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