Tipd.com – A Community For Financial News & Ideas

  • November 18, 2008

Tipd.comTip’d is a social site that is devoted to finance, investing and related business topics. Generally speaking, users submit stories that fall into any of the abovementioned categories and other members of the community can rate them by casting a vote, and also by leaving comments.

The site includes both “Published News” and “Upcoming News” categories, the latter giving you a taster of issues that will be soon dealt with. A “Submit a New Story” is also part of this navigation menu.

For its part, the ever-present list of categories is featured for ease of navigation. In this particular case, these include “Entrepreneurship”, “Personal Finance”, “Private Equity and VC” and “Real Estate” to name but four.

Joining this online community comes at to no cost at all – you simply sign up by following the provided link and submitting prototypical information like your username and some profile particulars.

Finally, a blog is likewise part of the site and you can easily access it through the main page. As it is often the case, site updates and related considerations are discussed therein.

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