Bitly Shortens Links Then Users’ Wrath

  • June 21, 2012

Your existing service is a hit. Why risk changes that might anger loyal users? Well, maybe you have innovations and improvements you can’t wait to implement. You’re on target to come up with the $20 million you need to launch a new line of products… then you start hearing serious, negative feedback against your big plans. Ouch, growing pains hurt. What do you do? You might ask Bitly.

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HREF.IN – A Short Url Serivce

  • February 5, 2009

HREF.INThis site represents a system that provides short urls with a twist.

One of the many utilities this system provides, is the fact that outputs all the latest links people have shortened onto twitter, and its ajax.

The site has a very simple but modern design. In this way people will not have to make any complicated procedure in order to use this tool.

If you are interested about this solution, you must know that you can make links on-the-go using the free API.

The company is constantly adding features in order to keep improving the services you can get by using this tool.

Do not worry if you find a very simple home site that is not a bad thing at all. The main goal is to make it easier for you. Also the domain is very short and is a common HTML term, maybe on the real code experts will get it though

Twitter is a great tool for communicating, but the character limitation turns some people off. Solutions such as this one give it added appeal as they let people overcome these barriers easily.


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Adjix.com – Short Links. Tiny Ads. Big Payoff. Meet Adjix.

  • October 7, 2008

Adjix.comAdjix is a way for people to create short links to websites, earn revenue, and track clicks. Adjix users can choose to insert an ad when they shorten a URL – or they can choose that no-ad is inserted.

Regardless, Adjix still tracks detailed link data such as who clicked on their link (by IP address), when, and how many times. Users will be able to see what webpage their link was on when it was clicked along with the OS and web browser version of the person who clicked on the link. When people click on an Adjix link, they, too have the option of not seeing an ad by clicking on the ‘eject’ button to remove the ad. Additionally, businesses can private label the fact that they’re using Adjix links by configuring their DNS. The resulting Adjix link has the business’s own domain name in the link (URL). Adjix.com

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POPrl.com – Bringing You the Most Viral Links

  • June 6, 2008

POPrl.comPOPrl is a new site developed by the recently launched uLiken.com.

The site takes a different approach to displaying popular links that have been user submitted, setting up their algorithm so that the “most POPular” urls that make it to the homepage are the ones that have been clicked on the most. Links are submitted without ever having to register or do anything besides entering the url into the site’s link shrinker. You then have a shortened url in TinyURL fashion that you can post to Twitter, your various social networks, or anywhere else to try and increase the virility of the link in the hopes of getting that content to the general public viewing the POPrl page.

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GoodShortcut.com – You Participate We Donate!

  • June 4, 2008

Goodshortcut.com is a tool that will allow you to shrink down a long URL into a shorter one.

Each time someone clicks on the short URL, our system will show the user a 17 seconds ad from our advertisers. We will then donate 50-percent of our ads revenue to the charities and schools designated by the users. It’s a very simple and meaningful concept, and the best thing is that the users and the organizations do not have to spend a penny!

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Tinydb.org – Scrunch Data into TinyURL

  • May 14, 2008

Tinydb.orgTinyURL made long and cumbersome URLs manageable by providing them with a short, or tiny, if you will, alias. So if you wanted to link to news articles, or forum postings, you could do so a lot easier with TinyURL’s help.

It made things that much easier. So now we have a new development in the TinyURL world called Tinydb. Tinydb takes the same concept or making burly things more manageable, but instead of applying it to URLS, Tinydb applies it to data. The idea is to provide an API for reading and writing bits of data. This, in turn, serves as a platform for Twitter apps and javascript widgets to be written. The site includes detailed instructions and a web form to create your Tinydb. All data are stored as TinyURLs of course.

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Twixxer.com – Sharing Videos and Photos on Twitter

  • April 16, 2008

Twixxer.comTwixxer.com is a new service that allows Twitter users to move beyond the normal text-only constraints of sending Twitter updates.

Instead of simply providing a text link to the digital media you’d like to share, you can use Twixxer to send a photo thumbnail or a video player directly to your buddies’ Twitter pages. The service is comprised of a browser add-on (Firefox only) and a web service, and uses the Greasemonkey extension. Users upload photos, which Twixxer hosts for free, and the program generates a short URL to include in your tweet. The URL links to the original version of your photo or video, and will appear as such for anyone not using Twixxer. But anyone with the tool installed will instead see a thumbnail photo or video player under the update when they visit Twitter.com. Non-Twixxer users will find an easy download link for Twixxer when they click the URL to see your photo or video, so they can jump in on it too. Currently, only Viddler and YouTube videos are supported.

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RickRoll.it – URL Shortening Service

  • April 15, 2008

RickRoll.itThere are lots of problems with long URLs, but in the name of brevity I’ll stick to two of them, namely: there is no way to remember them, and they look awful as links. A variety of URL shortening sites like this one has been popping up in the internet for some time now, and RickRoll.

it comes to join them. What they do is very simple: the sites translates a mile-long URL, like the ones pointing to Google maps or PDF documents, that have loads of numbers and letters and codes, into a TinyURL, that is: a subdomain like RickRoll.it /8gyh. The idea empowering the site is that it should be used together with Twitter to post reasonably sized microblogging entries, to be able to remember the URLs for sites, to make posts in forums or comments look reasonable, and the one I like best: to shorten URLs pointing to documents, articles, images or other sources which one cites when writing an academic paper. Being able to type the reference you are submitting will allow people reading your printed material to automatically check your sources. In contrast to similar sites, you don’t need to do anything to use the service: just paste the URL into a dialogue box, or even better, create a bookmarklet of RickRoll.it in your browser, and when you are visiting a site you want to get a short URL for, just hit the button and done and over with the numbers: you’ll be redirected to the RickRoll.it site, where the new URL will be waiting for you, as it will always be, as these addresses don’t expire. RickRoll.it

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URLBunch.com – Bunch Links For Easier Sharing

  • March 24, 2008

URLBunch.comListing URL after URL in an email, on your website, in your online profile, in printed materials, or anywhere else could wind up looking messy and confusing, especially if the URLs are long and complicated. On something like Twitter, listing out several URLs may be outright impossible due to character limits.

URLBunch.com aims to remedy this problem by bunching multiple URLs into just one handy, compact link. Like a TinyURL, a URLBunch will save space wherever you publish it, and look a lot cleaner. But the difference with URLBunch.com is that you can include multiple web addresses all in the same small URL. When someone visits your URLBunch link, they will see a simple list of all of the URLs that you entered upon creating the link. All of the URLs listed are active links, so visitors can simply click and visit each. Or, they can choose the “Open all Links” option and your browser will automatically open each link. As an example, I have created the following URL Bunch, which lists some of my favorite sites: http://www.urlbunch.com/f67104

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Simpl.es – Shorten URLs for Twitter

  • February 23, 2008

Simpl.esSimpl.es is exactly what the URL announces it to be: a tool to make URLs simpler.

For instance, you submit a mile-long URL, like the ones pointing to Google maps or PDF documents, that have loads of numbers and letters and codes, and the site translates it into a TinyURL, that is: a subdomain like Simpl.es/akjh. The idea empowering the site is that it should be used together with Twitter to post reasonably sized microblogging entries. In order to use this free service, you need to have a twitter account, to which the post, together with any comments to care to add to it, will be sent to. Now, there’s two ways to generate the new URL, one being to directly paste the long long URL into the dialogue box available at Simpl.es, and the second and most profitable, is to drag the Simpl.es link to your bookmarks toolbar, and whenever you come across a site that you want to twitter, you just push the button and get redirected to the Simpl.es site, where the new URL will be waiting for you, and that’s where you indicate your username and password, and exclaim: “Honey, I shrunk the URLs!”

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Twurls.com – Short URL site 2.0

  • May 14, 2007

Twurls.comAre you looking for information about fishing in Texas? If so, give Saltyangler.com a try. This is the electronic version of a the magazine Saltwater Angler. This site contains fishing reports and fishing guides, and all you need to know about Texas fishing.

If you are into fishing and you are planning to travel to Texas, make sure to visit Saltyangler.com. This site offers fishing reports and fishing guides that can be very useful if you are interested in fishing in Texas. Here you can check area reports and some hot spots, as well as fishing notes and tide, moon and weather reports.

You just need to stop by Saltyangler.com if you are searching for Texas fishing information. This online magazine provides you with lots of information related to fishing in Texas, including fishing reports and fishing guides you can access totally for free. In addition, you can check moon and weather reports. Twurls.com

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LzNK.com – Create 100 Short URLs in 1 Click

  • April 27, 2007

LzNK.comFarmfreshtoyou.com might be a useful for those who want to find organic food delivery services. If you are one of them, you can stop by this site to learn about a farm focused on producing organic food. Also, it is possible for you to find data about their organic food delivery services and you can learn how to order organic food, as well.

Would you like to have organic food delivered to you? If that is so, on Farmfreshtoyou.com you can order organic food and you can learn about organic food deliveries. In addition, the site features information on everything regarding organic food and the benefits of organic food. That is why you should keep it in mind if you want to learn about organic vegetables and organic fruits.

Organic food delivery services are becoming more common nowadays because of the rise of community supported agriculture. If you are interested in learning about organic food and you want to get fresh fruits and vegetables, you will find Farmfreshtoyou.com a good site to visit. LzNK.com

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