tinySrc.net – Resize Images For Mobiles

  • January 12, 2011

tinySrc.netA new tool that will make the lives of mobile developers that little more practical, tinySrc can be used to resize any image that they want to have displayed. This system works almost automatically, as all that the user has to do is to specify the URL in which the image that they want resized is found along with its intended aspect ratio for tinySrc to have it processed.

A system like this one is nothing short of pivotal today, what with so many different mobile devices available and their very own screen ratios. It is just not possible to test a site in all of these and see how it is actually rendered. You best (nay, your only) bet is to use a system like tinySrc and save yourself any potential headaches.

Using tinySrc entails no registration process of any kind – all you have to do is to supply the URL of the image that you need resized for it to be processed right away. And there is nothing to pay either.

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