TinyScrap.com – A Mobile Microblogging Platform

  • March 8, 2010

TinyScrap.comAre you a fan of social networks? Well then, feel free to visit Tinyscrap.com and learn how to redefine friendship with this site. Tiny Scrap is a social network that lets you make shouts. You can find friends and follow their shouts. Moreover, other users can follow your shouts, so you can make new friends.

Additionally, there are many benefits provided by Tinyscrap.com when it comes to social networks. You can join for free this social network, and find friends online. You can connect to this social network from your mobile phone, including iPhone and Android platforms. This social network lets you shout what are you doing at any moment, so feel free to try it.

Take a look at Tinyscrap.com to join this social network. You can make new friends and let everyone know what are you doing at the moment. You can join this social network and find friends online.

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