T.imo.im – Where Twitterers Chat Among Themselves

  • May 4, 2010

T.imo.imIt is not uncommon for a chat that starts casually over Twitter to grow more personal and private in nature. When that happens, nobody would point a finger at the participants for wanting to keep it all among themselves, away from Twitter’s public timeline.

And that is exactly what this service will allow them to do.

Entitled T.imo.im, it will empower any two Twitterers to hold a conversation among themselves only. In order to use this system, all that you have to do is log in using you Twitter credentials and send a direct message to any follower that you want to have a word with far from the crowd..

I can’t help but think about if this service was conceived as a negative reaction to the sudden openness of the World Wide Web, and the way in which information has begun being distributed without the user’s exact consent. Whatever the inspiration was, t.imo.im is useful and it is certain to bring a touch of privacy into an Internet that might be changing too rapidly for some people’s liking.

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