Timesheets.com – Keeping Track Of Employee Time

  • March 31, 2010

Timesheets.comThe premise behind the Timesheets website is a simple one: it integrates timesheets for payroll and timesheets for project management into an online dual timesheet that makes for tracking time off and accruals at all times of year.

As a result, you have hourly timesheets and project timesheets that can be used to improve the accuracy of an employee’s time card and to track the time that is being spent on any project or task respectively.

The big advantage that recording employee time online has is that of accuracy. Calculation errors are kept mostly out of the picture, and overtime is reduced. And it goes without saying that a tool of this nature translates into letting employers manage employees that are in distributed locations.

When it comes to accruals, an employee can choose from several different scenarios and set down one that matches his situation minutely. Whenever he requests time off, accrued values are automatically debited.

Finally, the project management capabilities of Timesheets imply that employees can enter the time they are going to work on any project or task, and then the employer can keep these in sight in order to track how the company’s different projects are evolving. This is made all the more instant since the time that is spent on projects on the whole can be aggregated alongside the billable totals.

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