EtzTimesheetSolutions.com – Online Timesheet Software

  • August 11, 2011

EtzTimesheetSolutions.comThis browser-hosted timesheet software is here to let recruitment agencies save on their back office costs by automating tedious processes as much as possible. By using Etz Timesheet, they’ll be able to have invoices generated from timesheets in less than 1 minute after the candidates have submitted them, and timesheets can actually be accepted in lots and lots of different formats – online, paper, Excel… as a matter of fact, timesheets can even be faxed. This means that people who haven’t got access to a computer will still be able to have their timesheets submitted and turned into invoices without having to disrupt what they’re doing that much.

Timesheets can be processed in any currency, overtime can be automatically calculated and billing rules for assignments can be easily set down. And Etz Timesheet enables users to create reminders that can be sent to candidates both via SMS and email.

In any case, of all of the timesheets that are entered receive a unique barcode that makes for indexing and processing them automatically. And clients are given the chance to sign timesheets by clicking on a secure encrypted link. That feature (which is completely original) effectively means that clients will be able to do without remembering usernames and passwords.

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TimetrackOnline.com – Keep Track Of The Time You Work

  • May 30, 2011

TimetrackOnline.comAs its name implies, this is an application that will let you manage and administer the time you spend laboring at any project or assignment, and then bill your clients 100 % accurately.

Timetrack lets you monitor everything by creating detailed timesheets in which all your tasks are set down. Using these as reference, it is very easy to determine exactly how much time has been spent on each activity, and invoice the ones who have to pay for them in a precise manner. And also to prove to them that the money you are charging is what is actually owed if it comes to that.

Timetrack comes both with iCal integration and with Excel support. You will be able to import/export all that you create in a mere couple of clicks, and work with your data in the one context where everything is more manageable.

A free edition of Timetrack is available, and it will let you work with up to three customers at the same time. And three is also the maximum number of invoices it will let you create. If you need more, you can go for any of the four paid plans which are available.

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TimeDuty.com – Track The Time Spent On Projects

  • January 14, 2011

TimeDuty.comTime Duty is one of these highly-practical applications that can let you track the time spent both by you and those who are under your authority on tasks and projects. Using Time Duty, it is very easy to get both a daily and a weekly overview of how long has any activity taken. And the fact that the data can be exported to other applications such as Excel just makes for creating reports in an even easier way. So does the fact of being able to group users in teams.

As an application, Time Duty is going to be of great use to small and medium-sized companies that simply need to monitor how much time has been spent on each individual task in order to bill clients accurately.

Time Duty works on the browser. There is nothing to install on your own servers. And as far as costs go, Time Duty is billed monthly – you will have to pay a flat rate, and you will be charged $ 1 per user. A free trial can also be initiated anytime you want, too, and it will run for 30 days.

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GTimeReport.com – A Generator Of Time Reports

  • November 29, 2010

GTimeReport.comGTimeReport is a free application that will let you create time sheets (IE, time reports) by exporting the data from your Google Calendar, and then applying it to a Google Docs spreadsheet. Alternatively, the data can be exported into a good old Excel file.

In this way, supervisors and team leaders can collect time reports in a much simpler way – as a matter of fact, they are not even lifting a finger. The time sheets will be generated for them, and put their way. And GTimeReport also lets such individuals plan ahead, and arrange the working hours of their entire teams. This is done by creating a scheduling calendar in which every member of the team will be assigned the relevant timeslots. Such a functionality is greatly enhanced by the fact that many scheduling calendars can be used and merged.

And not only is GTimeReport a free service, it can actually be used with no registration. That is, you simply log in using your existing Google Account for the whole service to be activated.

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eHour.nl – Keep Track Of The Time Spent On Projects

  • April 13, 2010

eHour.nleHour is an application that makes for keeping track of the time that any company or organization is spending in any given project. This solution is wholly browser-based, and it is also open-source.

You (as the administrator) will be able to create as many projects as you want and have the amount of time spent on any of them measured and reported in a breeze. Moreover, you can create multiple projects for the same client and have all of them tracked in an equally easy fashion.

When it comes to assigning employees to projects, you can assign one employee to multiple projects at the same time, and you can likewise create default projects to which all users should be assigned. That comes in handy for measuring sick leave, days off and so on.

Ultimately, the site has clearly been devised with a “less is more” philosophy. There is nothing overly-complicated about it. Functionalities are kept to-the-point, and nothing will distract you or get in your way. If that sounds like something your company could use, just head to the site to learn more in person.

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PacificTimeSheet.com – Timesheet & Tracking Software

  • February 22, 2010

PacificTimeSheet.comPacific Timesheet can be defined as a browser-hosted timesheet and time tracking software application. It basically rolls many services into one system.

Those who use it will be capable of implementing timesheet and time tracking capabilities along with project and product lifecycle management features at once, and monitor it all from one centralized location. Besides, payroll timesheet and attendance management capabilities are provided in the very same package.

The software includes a fair share of modules, and among these we can mention modules for automated approvals, for time-off scheduling and for custom reporting. Further modules include an iPhone timesheet and the ones that make for time clock and payroll integration. Note that each module can be licensed separately, so that you will pay only for what you need.

When it comes to supported operating systems, Pacific Timesheet supports all major OSs and browsers, and it is available in licensed and ASP/online versions.

On the whole, the thorough degree of customization on offer turns Pacific Timesheet into a platform that can consolidate and standardize the time tracking systems already employed by any company. It can be integrated into any existing IT infrastructure, and accommodate the demands of most users while providing maximum control and visibility.

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ClickTime.com – Track Your Time & Expenses Online

  • December 11, 2009

ClickTime.comIf you run your own company you probably have a tool like ClickTime that you use frequently, but in case you are new to the scene and are building up your library of resources this might come in more than handy.

Generally speaking, ClickTime stands as a browser-based timesheet software application that will let you keep every single task in track both in terms of time and overall expenditures.

Aspects such as the accounting of costs and payrolls can be fully monitored through it, and you can produce and print reports in a very easy manner.

The best way to move beyond the basics (as described above) and grasp the nuances of systems such as this one is by actually putting them to the task. As far as ClickTime is concerned, that is made possible since a free trial is provided. This trial amounts to 30 days, and when signing up you can prioritize these aspects that you are keener on testing out from the following: “Timesheet approvals”, “Expense tracking”, “Time of accruals” and “Audit trail / DCAA”.

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Replicon.com – Time Tracking For All Your Projects

  • November 10, 2009

Replicon.comIn case you are looking for time sheets to maximize your company’s performance and the way that you manage time on the whole, you are going to feel attracted to this site. The provided time sheet software will enable you to do exactly that, and help you track all the details appertaining to any project of yours, as well as anything that might be related to the way you manage bills.

In case you want to be in control of all your employees’ time management, this is the right solution for you to try. How do you do it? Simply by configuring all your preferences in the way you find more convenient.

It could be said, the, that Replicon Timesheet is web based timesheet software that is very easy to use and will help you create a streamlined payroll and much more.

However, the best way to learn about the site’s services is by navigating thorough it. For more information feel free to give this site a visit and learn about the many ways to improve your company’s time management and productivity.

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NoteMyTime.com – Because Time Is Money

  • June 15, 2009

NoteMyTime.comThis site belongs to a young company that is specialized in the development of database systems for Microsoft .Net. On this online resource you will have the chance to find a variety of business applications you will be able to use in your company.

In case you want to get a solution that was created by a company that has experience in timesheet software, as well as electronic order processing, and component development this is a site you should take a look at.

One of the most remarkable values supporting this company’s philosophy has to do with their quality customer service. This seems to be a convenient way to get the services of a company that brings fresh airs to the internet, with quality products focused on the constant development of any product.

NoteMyTime gives you an effective web-based time tracking system you can use for many purposes. If you use this solution you will be allowed to export or send a number of reports through formats like pdf, excel, or csv. The site is very simple and easy to navigate through, and if you want to learn more about its convenient features give it a visit at Notemytime.com.

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TSheets.com – Time is Money, Track it.

  • April 7, 2008

TSheets.comTSheets is a web-based timesheet system that turns any PC or mobile device into a time clock. Developed by the creator of the new time keeping standard – Timeclock 2.

0, TSheets eliminates paper timesheets, punch-style time clocks, and expensive swipe-card systems. TSheets is ideal for tracking hourly time for employees, salaried employees, contractors, or your own time. TSheets works for all kinds of businesses – retail, office workers, professional services, manufacturing, medical, and much more. TSheets was designed with today’s small business owner in mind: Real-world features, full reporting, and a low monthly cost starting at $9.95/mo. TSheets.com partner with other innovative companies that share the commitment to simply and inexpensively solve business problems – especially for small businesses.

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timeXchange.net – Making Time Reporting Simple

  • December 18, 2007

timeXchange.netTimeXchange.net is a unique platform approach that allows small and large businesses alike to easily manage their whole time reporting process and do business with each other.

They also help you export your collected reports to HR, Accounting and other important business applications. With timeXchange, members get a free account and can easily involve others in their projects by simply sending out an invitation. Those individuals then accept it and are immediately included free-of-charge in project hours, budget, reporting process or whatever features and access level the member chooses to allow. Once authorized, multiple constituents (clients, consultants, third-party providers, etc.) can share, view, approve and route time reporting information.

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ProWorkflow.com – Manage Projects Online

  • September 4, 2007

ProWorkflow.comProWorkflow is a web-based Project Management & Time Tracking solution that will add value by helping your business to manage Projects, Tasks & Time. ProWorkflow uses smart screens to show assigned projects and allow staff to easily track their time.

Management can easily view top-down reporting and progress. The solution is easy to use, powerful and has been designed for small to medium creative & tech business. The functionality within ProWorkflow has been developed through customer feedback; therefore the system delivers what the majority of users require within small to medium businesses. The solution is easy to implement and has a professional, intuitive interface. ProWorkflow has an affordable price of $15 per user (staff) per month on subscription (code is available).

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