TimeRime.com – Make Interactive Timelines

  • August 13, 2008

TimeRime.comIf you’ve ever taken an interest to history, then you should be able to enjoy the content found at Timerime.com.

On this site, users will be able to make timelines on anything they like. There are timelines made about Olympic stadiums, Batman, and even Bernie Mac. This makes they time you spend surfing through the site interesting, as you’ll be learning about historical facts while having fun with the highly interactive timeline. One great thing about the timelines is that you can embed them to your website or blog. This means that you’ll be able to create a highly personal timeline and share it with people through your homepage. The whole site is very well designed, and has many interactive elements. Scrolling through the timelines is enjoyable, thanks to the smooth scrolling feature.

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Visajourney.com – The Family Immigration Community

  • June 4, 2008

Visajourney.comAre you looking forward to getting a green card so you can enter the United States of America? If that is the case, it seems likes this website can be worthy of a try. Visajourney.com is an online community where you can get information about green cards and about getting a US visa.

On Visa Journey you can register as a member for free and get details about US immigration, terms, and about processing times. What is more, the site offers example forms as well as details about embassies. Do you want to get a Visa for the US? Then, this site can be of help. Visajourney.com provides you with information about visa applications.

Do you want to live in the USA? Do you need to get a green card? If that is the case, this online community can offer you information on US visas, applications, and about processing times. Visajourney.com

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Dipity.com – Timelines Of Your Life

  • April 22, 2008

Dipity.comDipity, short for serendipity, is a timeline making app. You can make up a timeline of anything, from your favorite band shows, to the decline of the American economy.

To start out, you do have to register which takes a matter of seconds. Follow that by hitting the ‘Create Event’ button and you are set. A whole slough of different types of media—Google maps, links, photos, videos, feeds, etc—can be pulled in to make your timeline dazzle, and once it’s complete, your timeline is embeddable on your own site or profile. You can easily focus in on each element for more info, and you can even zoom out on a whole time period. Furthermore, Dipity supports profile feeds from Twitter, Yelp, and Flickr, among others, which means you can create a lifestream.

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Viygo.com – Timelines for Everyone and Every Thing

  • January 20, 2008

Viygo.comSpace and time, time and space. And maps.

What do you get when these things collide? Viygo. Viygo is the self proclaimed intersection of space and time. (And, no, it hasn’t anything to do with Scientology.) Beneath, the glamour of those words, Viygo is a souped up timeline. There are several options for display. There are timelines available for Twitter, Yahoo Upcoming, and news and media (choose from, Wired Magazine, New York Observer and TechCrunch, among others). There’s also a monthly timeline which showcases events that have recently occurred. Featured timelines include Mike Huckabee and the San Francisco zoo tiger attack. Make your own timeline, embed on your website, and enjoy.

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CircaVie.com – Because Life Moves Pretty Fast

  • December 31, 2007

CircaVie.comCircaVie invites you to make a timeline of your life. That trip you took to Fiji, your eight month study abroad stint in Berlin, all the concerts you went to in 1988, your honeymoon—whatever the event may be, Circavie can help you chart it and memorialize it with pictures.

Thus you’ll get a pretty and compelling resume of your life in pictures. Timelines can be added to AimShare or embedded into your personal website or blog. All timelines are public, which means you best be careful about what you place on your own timeline; however, you can mark specific events as private, thus making them visible to you and no one else. You can sign in using your AIM or OpenID account if you’ve got one.

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beta.Miomi.com – It’s all About Time

  • October 17, 2007

beta.Miomi.comTimelines are incredibly useful study tools, especially when you’ve got a pending world history exam and need to get all your dates straight. Timelines are also an interesting way to visualize personal stories.

The Germany-based Miomi lets everyone and anyone create timelines to showcase and share with the world. In theory, it seems like a much more interesting way to tell a story than a simple linear text. Timelines on the site represent everything you could think of—from Prince’s concert tour to Steve McClaren and earthquakes in southern California. Miomi gives you flexibility. Each moment on the timeline is represented by a photo or illustration and text. You’ll also find maps and related moments from other community members. Timelines may be browsed by moment, location or people. There’s a voting feature which lets you love or hate a particular moment, along with a historical relevance slider which lets users determine if an occurrence has any meaning beyond that of the individual. Registration is required to use the site.

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MyTimeLines.net – Cut + Paste Feed Timelines

  • September 8, 2007

MyTimeLines.netIf you need to create a timeline look no further than MyTimelines. This widget’s dead simple to use and it makes for an interesting way to navigate blog entries.

To get started just cut and paste the URL from your blog/website’s feed (Atom, RDF or RSS feed with date info), type in your parameters—display style (based on units of time), font, height, and width—and click on Get Code. Paste it on your site, and voila, you’ve got a stylin’ ajaxy timeline showcasing your latest postings. MyTimeLines is absolutely free and anyone can use it. It takes no time to set up, so give it a try today.

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99Moments.com – Create and Share Timelines

  • July 25, 2007

99Moments.com Newly launched 99Moments allows you to memorialize important events in your life with timelines. With every time line there’s the possibility of integrated Google Maps (you can even pinpoint the exact location and time by add coordinates, as well as time stamps), photos, videos and descriptions.

There are also community features. Members can collaborate on existing timelines or author new ones. There are ratings, commenting and tagging as well. A search engine allows you to look for specific events. 99Moments is free to use, but registration is a prereq. New features are on the way.

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Xtimeline.com – Create, Share and Explore Timelines

  • July 5, 2007

Xtimeline.comXtimeline is a service which allows you to search and upload biographical timelines for celebrities and other public figures, current issues and historical events. You can view and discuss timelines such as Google milestones or Britney Spears’s life.

The purpose of the site is to both educate and entertain, taking an approach from all sides of the spectrum. You can explore these time lines from their homepage, and then click over on their dashboard to create a timeline of your own, all free of charge.

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