TimeKiwi.com – Create A Timeline

  • October 27, 2011

TimeKiwi.comA service that’s free for personal users, TimeKiwi lets you bring together all of your interactions on social sites and blogs, have them ordered in a visual timeline that will let you understand your goals and objectives that much faster, and see how close you are to making them come true. This timeline can also be shared with all of your friends, and based on it they can offer you their own advice, and help you get where you want to end up faster. That is, TimeKiwi is not just a social aggregator – it’s a site that makes it easy for people to connect and have meaningful interactions.

Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress and Instagram are all supported, and as far as layout goes users can choose to have both vertical and horizontal timelines with all of their social content displayed.

As mentioned at the beginning, the site is free to use. And it’s also a site that can be used without signing up first, so if you find the concept of having a timeline with all of your interactions appealing then you can see how it all works in practice real fast – a timeline can be created and shared in a snap. It should be enough to let those among you who need to get self-organized start putting everything in perspective, and (with your friends in tow to offer their help) begin moving closer to achieving your aims.

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Tracks.io – Create Photo Timelines

  • October 24, 2011

Tracks.ioTracks.io is a photo sharing app that lets you have all of your images turned into stories. It works by stringing together all the photos that you have taken at any kind of event, creating a sort of timeline for your images. And all the people who appear on them can be tagged, all you have to do is to invite them to the set of photos that you’re bringing together as one.

The albums that you can create on this site are known as “tracks”, and they can be accessed both on the Web, and using the provided mobile app. This is available at the App Store, and it can be downloaded without having to pay anything at all. Tracks.io is also completely free to use.

And just like Postagram and Keepsy, you can order physical copies of what you’ve created using the app. You can then use these to let your older relatives who are anything but tech-savvy get to see all these places you’ve been to, and such photo albums would stand as great presents for any person who’s a part of the story that’s being recollected using images.

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WhenInTime.com – View And Edit Timelines

  • October 6, 2011

WhenInTime.comWhen In Time is a new web project that lets people create and explore digital timelines on these topics they are enthusiastic about, or that they must delve upon in order to get any difficult assignment out of the way. When In Time is going to be of assistance in both scenarios, as it allows users to get (and contribute) all the information they need absolutely for free.

The When In Time website has a supple interface, letting users search for timelines, visualize them in the scale they need, and have changes made right away. The edition process is as simple as choosing what one would modify and making the necessary adjustments, right on his browser.

Besides, all of the featured timelines are arranged by category, and the ones that have been viewed more recently are all highlighted on the homepage. And these that are more interesting are all showcased on the homepage, so that people who are checking the site for the first time can get to know what a timeline which is at its finest looks like.

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ChiliTweets.com – The Best Tweets On Your Timeline

  • April 11, 2011

ChiliTweets.comImportant links have a tendency to become lost on Twitter, but that is no indictment on the service at all. Any service in which you could begin following hundreds and hundreds at the click of a button is going to suffer from that – content will invariably become misplaced along the way.

Yet, there are applications like ChiliTweets around – applications that make it very easy for anybody to single out the best links on his timeline, without having to sort or filter anything on their own. All that the user has to do is to select how many tweets he would like to have displayed using a slider.

And the way ChiliTweets works, the application can learn from your behavior and interactions on the Twitterverse, and begin retrieving links from your timeline based on that. And ChiliTweets can do much more than just aggregating the best links for you – it can also tell you about the ones who posted them, and highlight these influencers for you to access the content they generate even more easily.

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Tiki-Toki.com – Build Animated Timelines

  • March 17, 2011

Tiki-Toki.comTiki Toki can be used to create animated timelines. The way this web application works, you will be able to add images and videos that will pop up of any timeline that you are devising.

The one advantage this has is that the addition of such media can but make the timeline stick clearer on the mind of the viewer, in the same way that any story sticks easier on your mind if it has some kind of illustrations to go with it.

The media to be used can actually be imported from all over the Web, since you can point the service to your Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo accounts and retrieved all the data you already have there.

Tiki Toki is a free application. You will be able to create as many timelines as you want, and retouch them afterwards as much as you need. Registration is done by supplying your name and your email address, and by picking a password.

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Bannka.com – Like Twitter But For Photos

  • December 2, 2010

Bannka.comBannka is just like Twitter, only that here photos take the place of tweets. It is as simple as that. The site features a (public) timeline with all the stills that people are sending out, and these images can then be reshared on other social sites like Twitter and Facebook. They can also be featured directly on your blog.

If you have either an iPhone or an Android phone, you will be able to use Bannka straight from it. Simply get the app from the relevant store and you will be good to go. And you will also be able to use Bannka from the Web. Granted, the process is more laborious since you have to get a Bannka mail, save it as a contact and send the picture you want shared as a MMS for it to be uploaded.

And just like Twitter, anything that you upload to the site can be set as private, and kept from the eyes of those who are outside of your close circle of friends.

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Tumbl.in – Like StumbleUpon For Twitter

  • October 11, 2010

Tumbl.inThink of Tumbl.in as “the StumbleUpon for Twitter” and you will have a good idea of what to expect from the site if you decide to pay it a visit.

Because that’s the exact truth of it. The site lets you find interesting links on your Twitter timeline, as well as in your Twitter favorites and in any Twitter list in the same way that StumbleUpon lets you discover the best of the WWW: at random.

The objective is the same in both cases: to let you find appealing content that you would otherwise be unaware of. But when it comes to Tumbl.in you can actually toggle between this “random” mode, and another mode letting you visualize only your favorite content. In that sense, Tumbl.in offers a whole new way to browse tweets.

My personal take on Tumbl.in is that it is an interesting service. It could never have the same impact as StumbleUpon for the simple reason that it revolves around a specific service, as opposed to StumbleUpon which scours every single corner of the Web. Yet, the social curation championed by Tumbl.in is an interesting development. It might be setting the scene for something even bigger and better to come along.

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YTTM.tv – Watching YouTube Videos Chronologically

  • September 14, 2010

YTTM.tvYTTM will give you the chance to watch YouTube videos based on the actual date that they were shot. That is, the actual date in which the video was uploaded makes no difference.

If the video was created in 1979 and uploaded to YouTube just last month, YTTM will correctly label it as a video made in 1979, and it will let you visualize it accordingly.

Launching a search on YTTM is as simple as picking a year from the big timeline that is displayed on the main page and then choosing what you feel like watching by clicking on the relevant category from the seven which are provided. These are “Video Games”, “Television”, “Commercials”, “Current Events”, “Sports”, “Movies” and “Music”.

A site like this one will be just wonderful for all those who want to enjoy the kind of media that his relatives used to watch back in the ‘50s and ‘60s as they were growing up. And aspiring marketers who have to study the way in which campaigns have evolved from the early days right to the present couldn’t ask for something better, really – it is all a matter of picking the relevant timeframe and toggling just the “Commercials” button on.

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VidScan.com – Watch Only The Best Parts Of Videos

  • July 20, 2010

VidScan.comAre you looking for good videos to view on YouTube? Would you like to watch music videos online, but only the best part of them? In that case, Vidscan.com might be the right site for you to visit. On VidScan you will find timelines of YouTube videos. These timelines are determined by viewers and indicate the best parts of any old or new YouTube video.

On VidScan.com you can click on the time corresponding with your favorite part of a YouTube video, and skip straight to that part. Besides, if you want your comment to appear on VidScan.com, you just have to comment on a YouTube video with a time snippet, and the site will pick it.

Do you want to see the best parts of a new YouTube video? Are you looking for a tool to find timelines of new videos to view on YouTube? Then, feel free to stop by this site and check its results.

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InAGist.com – All That Is Happening On Twitter

  • June 23, 2010

InAGist.comThere is so much happening on Twitter that is actually relevant to you that in the end some things are going to pass you by, no matter how much you exert yourself to keep a firm grasp on it all. In A Gist is a service that intends to prevent that from happening by letting you have access to relevant tweets only.

This means that if you decide to try this (free) service you will be presented with tweets that have been prefiltered according to your interests and needs, while you will also be given a chance to manually explore the Twitterverse by topic. That is made possible by the inclusion of different channels that include “World”, “Science & Technology”, “Fashion”, “Business & Finance”…

These are some of the channels that are actually featured right now, but note that the programmers are open to suggestions and chances are that if you request a specific channel covering a city or topic be added they will take care of that.

As a service, In A Gist comes entirely at no cost. All you have to do in order to start using it is log in using your Twitter handle and password. You don’t need to register or create a specific account just for the site.

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Kabutr.com – Your Twitter Timeline Right In Your Inbox

  • June 19, 2010

Kabutr.comKabutr is a new app that will let those who are keen on Twitter have a smoother time as they read the tweets that have been put their way, and also as they send out tweets themselves.

This service, then, has two sides to it.

But there is a common denominator: e-mail is used as the tool which makes everything possible. You see, Kabutr will let you read your Twitter timeline right in your inbox, and it will also let you tweet from there.

While this is not a groundbreaking service, Kabutr is the kind of application that succeeds based on the fact that it lets everybody save time. To some users, even five minutes can be crucial, and these are the individuals who are going to find a site like this one worthy of a test drive. And the fact that it is all provided at no cost can but make the service even more alluring. As far as the rest are concerned, now, I don’t really think they would be inclined to abandon the one client they already use for this application but I might be wrong. But then again – Kabutr is free (and easy to use), and these are always catchy qualities in themselves.

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SkylightIt.com – A Smoother Way To Run Your Company

  • June 5, 2010

SkylightIt.comThe Skylight website offers a series of tools that are bound to be of great help to any businessman who wishes to have an ever firmer grasp on the way his company is run. Taken as a whole, Skylight can be used for tasks ranging from project and resource management to ensuring a better degree of communication between the different members of a team and the recruitment of new talent.

These are all essential activities for companies of every size, and when handled through a service like this one they become something more natural and spontaneous. You are enabled to apply tags, annotate files and employ filters on all your pages for easier reference.

Future updates will include some advanced accounting and invoicing tools as well as the ability to generate custom reports. These are to materialize in about three months. Still, the site does the job it sets out to do quite satisfactorily (some might even say excellently), and if you are looking into a way to exert a bigger degree of control over any business of yours it comes recommended. No doubt about that.

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Buzzzy.com – The First Search Engine For Buzz Arrives

  • February 18, 2010

Buzzzy.comBuzzzy is the first search engine for Buzz that materializes, and it obviously will be the first in a long string of portals that will attempt to top each other at every turn. The fact that such an engine surfaces so little after Buzz’s initial release date simply highlights the effect that this new social service has had, and it might speak of its eventual successes.

The way you operate this engine does not really merit a lengthy explanation. The few aspects that should be mentioned include that you can sort results by source, and that you can keep a close watch on the timeline by hour, day and week. The sources that are actually supported include Google Reader, Twitter, FriendFeed, Yelp and virtually every other service that more or less delineates the social web and the uses people put it to.

Also, it is important to stress that you can carry out searches for images or videos only. What’s more, it is possible to execute searches for links.

It will be interesting to see in which ways these refinement options are expanded as Buzz itself takes off and people start finding new uses for it. In the meantime, you can maximize Buzz as you know it through a search tool like Buzzzy.

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TouchTwit.net – Tweeting From Your Windows Phone

  • February 18, 2010

TouchTwit.netThose of you who are the proud owners of a Windows Phone will be able to put this service into motion. You see, TouchTwit will let you take care of the tasks that we readily associate with any of the established Twitter clients like Seesmic et al.

You can manage multiple accounts from a unified spot, and you can take care of basic operations like following, unfollowing and sending direct messages in a way as natural as you would imagine.

You also get access to a detailed timeline that will let you see how past conversations have evolved (and strayed or kept on focus). You can manage any of these using an @reply.

Moreover, you can save your favorite searches and tweets, while being able to keep a close watch on the most notable Twitter trends. In that way, you will always know what to talk about with you friends and avoid looking like an utter outcast.

If this sounds like something that could make your life easier (and that is likely since there are not that many competing services for that kind of phone), you can learn more on the site and eventually buy the application at the Windows Marketplace. The link is on the page.

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Preceden.com – A Tool For Building Up Timelines

  • February 15, 2010

Preceden.comPreceden is a new tool that is entirely web-based. In very general terms, it lets you organize important events into multiple layers.

This makes it very easy to put everything into perspective and see how events relate to each other as time goes by.

These layers can include “Relationships”, “Locations”, “Education” and “Job” to name but four that spring easily to mind.

The one clear use something like this has is the making of autobiographies. That is, using a system like Preceden is very easy to order your thoughts and come up with more realized recollections, as you can see how your professional life blended with your personal one and vice versa.

These timelines can be created at no cost – Preceden is free from start to finish. If you think you could use a tool letting you cast a glance back on multiple levels either for coming up with a biography or just for putting the past in order this site will be of help. Also, note that the timelines can be as public or private as you want them to be, so letting others collaborate with you is easily done too.

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FilmGator.com – Find Out Which Movies Are Worth It

  • January 5, 2010

FilmGator.comGoing to the movies has lost its charm for me, if only because the surprise factor has been lowered a lot. In the past, we had the opinion of critics and a little word of mouth to complement that.

Now, we have a worldwide community that gives its opinion on this, that and the other when it comes to any single title. Times are different for sure, now we live in a society that hungers for information and gulps it down. And if you want to know anything about any movie beforehand, you can do so in just a couple of clicks. Leaving aside the opinions of others, you can learn all about its plot, characters and also technical aspects. And sometimes that happens unwittingly. You are looking for very certain information and you might end up coming across some major plot point.

Still, not many seem to complain. Quite the opposite, actually. It is all part of the trade off. And if you are looking for a new central destination in which you can immerse yourself in the online side of movies, you might as well give this one a good try. It will let you create a timeline, read and write reviews, and socialize on sites like Facebook and Bebo. That definition is representative enough. If you like movies and are known to hang online (and chances are you do if you have read this far), FilmGator will most likely keep you entertained for a while. And a little way beyond that too.

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Timeglider.com – Web-based Timeline Software

  • June 24, 2009

Timeglider.comThis new browser-based software is self-defined as a timeline application that can be employed for planning, creating and sharing history projects. It works by letting the user grab the timeline and drag it at will in order to see different centuries.

Event-spans can then be created, and you can easily see how they last and how they overlap with each other. For the time being, the user can zoom out to a scope of millennia. One of the major planned enhancements is adding zooming capabilities that would go as far as the Big Bang.

One of the best things about this new tool is that since it is browser-hosted your friends and colleagues can collaborate with you from anywhere a web-enabled computer is available.

I found this tool quite interesting for a change. The interface is incredibly intuitive, too, and having made everything draggable and zoomable was a good idea. While it is not the kind of tool I am bound to use frequently, I can still recognize the enormous value it will have to many.

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Arcalife.com – Bringing Experiences to Life

  • December 19, 2008

Arcalife.comArcalife is a new service that can be described as a family community where individuals can bring together all their life experiences, events, stories and genealogy research in the same place.

Through the site, it is possible to record your memories and capture the essence of your life, as well as creating a family tree that will show the younger ones the history of their ancestors.

The latter adheres to genealogy conventions, but it is fully customizable in order to meet your requirements.

There is also a prominent social aspect at play, as families can connect through the site, and members can keep each other fully posted on upcoming family events.

This service is rendered free of charge, and registration to the site is the only formality that has to be complied with. This process is quite simple, too – you just provide some personal particulars like your name and birth date along with your e-mail. On the other hand, you can also sign up for paid accounts if you want further flexibility and bigger file storage.

As a conclusion, this service will enable its users to share the feelings and emotions that characterized them with upcoming family generations, and it will allow them to do so in an engaging and lively manner. Point your browser to www.arcalife.com in order to find out more.

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