TimeForge.com – A Labor Management Application

  • October 27, 2010

TimeForge.comTime Forge is a labor management application that is meant to be used by those in the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries. This application works entirely on the browser, and several modules are included for the management of human resources and the overall tracking of schedules, leaves and assistances.

For its part, payroll costs are recorded by employee, position and date. And they can be exported to the payroll application that you have always used, so that you will be capable of having everything printed as usual.

An application like Time Forge will let you reduce employee turnover by letting you know exactly who is going to be available when, and see how to cover any shortage well in advance. And you will also be able to store resumes and background checks in a centralized location, and access them from just anywhere – remember, we are talking about an application that works on the browser. As long as you have a web-enabled device at hand you will be good to go.

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