TimeFiler.com – Manage Employee Time

  • November 3, 2008

TimeFiler.comAs its name suggests, TimeFiler is a time management system that empowers employees to manage their time in a simpler, more direct manner. The features on offer are devised to save any organization not only time but also money.

These are listed online and described one by one. First and foremost, this application comes complete with smart timesheets which are fully customizable, and which make for intuitive data entry. Immediate alerts and warnings are also part of the setup, in order to minimize errors on part of the users.

In second place, there is a supple real time report calculator and a set of manager planning tools that covers every organizational aspect at play. Lastly, there is a “Leave requests” feature that will enable employees to apply for leave over the web.

Time Filer is actually a web-hosted solution, which means that there is no software to be installed nor maintenance to be carried out.

Pricing is taken into account in the section that goes by the same name. The available licenses are described therein, and companies with different number of employees are duly catered for.

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