Why Introducing a Time Log is Crucial For Early Startups

  • April 27, 2023

As an entrepreneur, have you ever felt like you have too many tasks and insufficient time to complete them? With the lack of resources and the extra set of hands, entrepreneurs can often feel overwhelmed and struggle with deciding where to invest their precious time and resources. A time log can be the answer to all of these problems. Entrepreneurs can gain a clear understanding of where they are spending their time by using a time log. This will allow them to make better decisions and prioritize their tasks more effectively.

So how exactly can a time log help early startups? Read on to learn why introducing a time log is crucial for early startups. Additionally, we’ll learn how it can help with time management, prioritization, efficiency, accountability, and delegation.

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Time Is Money: Why You Need to Measure Hours and Outcomes

  • March 21, 2018

Most salespeople and managers tend to measure their performance and success based on a single metric: sales. And for the most part, this is a solid strategy; by focusing on the bottom-line results, you can eliminate secondary variables that may or may not influence your bottom line. For example, it might not matter that your top salesman is chronically late if he’s still finalizing the largest dollar amount of sales for your organization.

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TimeAndTracking.com – Track Time Worked

  • March 25, 2012

TimeAndTracking.comWhether you hold an important position at a large company or if you work as a freelancer, you can count on Timeandtracking.com to track the time spent on your projects. This service lets you keep track of all your tasks, and monitor the time it takes to perform them. In this way, you (and all the members of your team) will never have to worry about filling time charts again. This software will do it for you. And as a result, you will all be able to focus on your work with less distractions.

The advantages of a software like Timeandtracking.com are that you will know accurately, objectively and automatically the time it took to perform each task in any project. Relying on your own memory (or your team members’ memory) has the risk of the real time worked not being registered. Not because someone wants to lie about what he is doing, but simply because humans can’t remember everything perfectly all the time, except maybe on some science fiction story.

Being able to have this information will allow you to charge the right prices to your clients, and eliminate the risk of charging in excess or undercharging. Both are situations to avoid, because charging more than what you really should will make your clients lose trust in you. On the other hand, undercharging will make you earn less money than what you really deserve for your hard work.

The software is for free until march 30th, 2012. After this date, you will be charged some fees which are yet to be announced.

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Graphient.com – Track Data In Time

  • September 29, 2011

Graphient.comPresented by Graphient (a software development company headquartered in New York), Timeline is an application that can be used for the tracking of just anything that’s got any kind of timestamp to it. Tweets, images, stock transactions… if it can be contextualized temporally, then it’s something that this application can take care of monitoring on a dynamic visual timeline. And the word “dynamic” should be taken literally – users of Timebinder can manipulate the data that is graphed in a drag and drop fashion, whereas they can have disparate data types displayed in the same windows. They can likewise layer non-concurrent events for easier comparison. And data can be imported from Excel, mySQL, Delimited Text Files, Twitter, RSS Feeds and HTML tables.

All of the above turns Timebinder into a really great tool for the mapping of temporal information. Timebinder is available for Windows, Appe OSX and Linux. Single user licenses cost the same in all three cases; one will set you back $200. And 5 seat user licenses are available for $800.

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GlobalTiming.com – World Time Zone Map

  • September 25, 2011

GlobalTiming.comIn theory, there’s no better site than this one for those of you who have suddenly got to make phone/Skype calls to clients who are located in countries throughout the world. GlobalTiming.com offers a world time zone map that clearly displays the current local time in any place around the globe. This map is featured on the main page, and it lets you know you what time it is anywhere just by placing your mouse cursor over the country in question. Alternatively, you can type its name on the provided bar and get the data you’re after even quicker.

In practice, GlobalTiming.com doesn’t feel that great. The main criticism that can be leveled at the site is that the map itself is not really striking. Far from it, actually – it’s too tiny for its own good, and it looks completely cluttered. Right now, using this site feels anything but comfortable.

Still, that’s not something that can’t be repaired. A simple redesign (emphasizing usability over everything else) should set things to right. When that’s been taken care of, the site should give users what it gives them now (IE, precise timing information) in a friendly, accessible way.

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StandingClock.com – Track The Time You Sit Down

  • August 18, 2011

StandingClock.comThis infograph alone is enough to give any office worker a good reason to worry about his wellbeing. In case you are too lazy to click on the link, it basically shows you the effects that sitting down has on your body, hour by hour. When looking at that infograph, you quickly realize why people who have sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular diseases as people with standing jobs. But what can be done about it? How can you reduce sitting time when sitting is the one position in which you have to work?

Well, the first thing to do is to determine exactly how much time you spend sitting on any given day. And that is something this new web service makes a piece of cake. As its name suggest, StandingClock.com lets you measure the time you are sitting down and standing up when working. This is done in a really easy way, as all you have to do in order to time yourself is to hit a button when you go from sitting down to a standing position, and then back again.

With these results in full sight, it shouldn’t be that hard to start working on some strategies for maximizing what spare time you have and do something for the betterment of your health. In general, it can be said that you must make an effort to stand up and walk for a couple of minutes every two hours. That should be a great start.

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EtzTimesheetSolutions.com – Online Timesheet Software

  • August 11, 2011

EtzTimesheetSolutions.comThis browser-hosted timesheet software is here to let recruitment agencies save on their back office costs by automating tedious processes as much as possible. By using Etz Timesheet, they’ll be able to have invoices generated from timesheets in less than 1 minute after the candidates have submitted them, and timesheets can actually be accepted in lots and lots of different formats – online, paper, Excel… as a matter of fact, timesheets can even be faxed. This means that people who haven’t got access to a computer will still be able to have their timesheets submitted and turned into invoices without having to disrupt what they’re doing that much.

Timesheets can be processed in any currency, overtime can be automatically calculated and billing rules for assignments can be easily set down. And Etz Timesheet enables users to create reminders that can be sent to candidates both via SMS and email.

In any case, of all of the timesheets that are entered receive a unique barcode that makes for indexing and processing them automatically. And clients are given the chance to sign timesheets by clicking on a secure encrypted link. That feature (which is completely original) effectively means that clients will be able to do without remembering usernames and passwords.

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TimePanther.com – Track The Time You Work

  • July 20, 2011

TimePanther.comTimePanther is a time tracking utility that is tailor-made for freelancers and independent workers. It will enable them to create as many projects for client as they need, and use a series of timers to keep track of the time they are devoting to each of them. And the priority of each can be adjusted manually, as it is possible to organize everything using a drag and drop interface. Timers can be sorted by project, and projects can be sorted by client. Time can start being tracked in a click, and it can be stopped tracked in another.

And a really interesting feature is that TimePanther comes with a calculator for determining exactly how much you should be earning. This calculator works in real time, and it will let you have a ready understanding of how your efforts are translating into an income.

The site is in beta as of the time of writing this, and everything is available for free to all users. When the site moves out of beta, though, some (advanced) features such as being able to generate invoices and integrating the service with BaseCamp will be available only to paying users.

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DayViewer.com – Plan Your Days

  • July 1, 2011

DayViewer.comIf you can foresee a hectic week ahead of you, then a service like DayViewer might as well be what you need in order to avoid collapsing under a heap of responsibilities and schedules that run into each other. This new application combines a calendar with a task organizer that you can use in order to plan your every activity in all the days that are to come. And DayViewer doubles as a contact management application – by using it, you will be able to keep all your contacts neatly organized, and you will know exactly how to get in touch with all the people who are in your life.

And a feature that merits a mention is the ability to have reminders automatically sent to you via email when any important event comes around, or when it is the time to pay any bill.

DayViewer is a free app. Registration is quick and painless, you will be able to start using the application within minutes of having landed on the website.

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ClockIt.In – Track Your Time

  • June 21, 2011

ClockIt.InA service that is currently in open beta, ClockIt.In is a time tracking application that those among you who feel the need to become better-organized could never fail to like – this new tool has the advantage of being free, and being really punchy in terms of features. If you use it, you will be able to keep track of an unlimited number of projects and tasks, and have them shared with just whomever you like. If you want to share them only with your closest associates, you will be able to do it. And if you want to share a project with the whole wide world, then you will be allowed to do it. The decision will ultimately boil down to what you are sharing, and its actual degree of poignancy/sensitivity.

And those of you who try the service out and really like it will be able to get the Firefox add-on, and track their every activity from their browsers. No need to visit the ClockIt.In website every single time a task has to be added/removed. And this add-on is obviously available at no cost.

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TimezoneGuide.com – Complete Timezone Information

  • June 16, 2011

TimezoneGuide.comWe all have a friend who has the luck and/or the incredible talent to go and study abroad for a semester or two. And we might actually be the ones who have that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Whatever the case, that would pose a serious complication when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family. While we could always email them, the truth is emails are useful for communicating specific information only. When someone is miles away from home, nothing beats listening to the voices of his/her significant ones. But transatlantic distances can lead to calls being made at inopportune times. Well, that is what a website like this one can prevent from happening.

TimezoneGuide.com offers comprehensive information regarding the time in any city of the world. The site will let you know what time is it on any city in any continent, and a simple tool will let you have any two cities compared side by side.

And in addition to providing you with such a world clock and the ability to make direct comparisons, the site will let you know all there is to know about worldwide airport times. Need more? There is also a meeting planner that works on the browser. That should keep even the most exigent ones among you happy.

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TimetrackOnline.com – Keep Track Of The Time You Work

  • May 30, 2011

TimetrackOnline.comAs its name implies, this is an application that will let you manage and administer the time you spend laboring at any project or assignment, and then bill your clients 100 % accurately.

Timetrack lets you monitor everything by creating detailed timesheets in which all your tasks are set down. Using these as reference, it is very easy to determine exactly how much time has been spent on each activity, and invoice the ones who have to pay for them in a precise manner. And also to prove to them that the money you are charging is what is actually owed if it comes to that.

Timetrack comes both with iCal integration and with Excel support. You will be able to import/export all that you create in a mere couple of clicks, and work with your data in the one context where everything is more manageable.

A free edition of Timetrack is available, and it will let you work with up to three customers at the same time. And three is also the maximum number of invoices it will let you create. If you need more, you can go for any of the four paid plans which are available.

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TweetWhen.com – The Best Time To Tweet

  • April 8, 2011

TweetWhen.comMany people never stop to think about it, but putting together a successful Twitter campaign goes well beyond what one tweets. While that is obviously important, the time at which the tweets are sent out is every bit as pivotal. It is the same rule that TV or radio advertising goes by, really – no ad is any good if it is broadcast at a time nobody is around to see it. But for some reason, such a concept is often bypassed by people who use Twitter, as if they thought the actual permanence of the tweets went into ensuring their readability.

Well, that should never be taken for granted. What one should do is use a service like Tweet When for figuring out the best time to tweet. That time is the time in which one will get more retweets. And this application can arrive at it simply by being granted access to your Twitter account. You supply your username, your password and then it will analyze the kind of people you interact with. The best time(s) to tweet will there and then be displayed for you to take ready advantage of such information.

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TimeClockMTS-Online.com – Track Time And Attendance

  • March 25, 2011

TimeClockMTS-Online.comA new time clock application that works on all browsers, Online Time Clock MTS is usable by just any company that has to track attendance and the exact time worked by its employees. These will be able to clock in and out in just a couple of mouseclicks – there is really no training process involved. And this web-based application can likewise calculate overtime, employee sick and vacation accruals.

All of that data will be collected and processed automatically for you. There is nothing you will have to calculate yourself – it will all be presented in an accurate and easy-to-understand way. The provided dashboard will see to that.

Online Time Clock MTS is a paid application, and how much you will be charged depends on the number of employees that you are going to monitor. For example, 10 employees will cost you $ 19. In any case, note that you can try it for free during 30 days before having to pay anything.

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Cronsync.com – Track The Time Spent On Projects

  • February 11, 2011

Cronsync.comCronsync is a new Internet tool which can be used to track the time that is spent on projects. Team managers will be able to see exactly how each task is being dealt with by their employees, right from the moment that the assignments have been made. And this includes not only internal staff but also people who have been hired on a freelance basis.

When using Cronsync, all the information becomes displayed on a dashboard which lists not only the status of projects but also their profitability rate, and the expenses that the project has entailed.

And Cronsync can also take care of generating invoices, and having them delivered. These invoices are generated automatically – Cronsync looks at the time that has been effectively worked, and determines the exact amount that has to be charged.

Creating a Cronsync account costs nothing, and a demo session can be started if you want to sample things for yourself before fully taking on the service.

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Syncd.com – Track Your Expenses

  • February 8, 2011

Syncd.comTo put it in simple words, Syncd is a tool for the tracking of both time and expenses. If you use it, you will be able to see exactly how long you have been working at any project, and whether or not the income that was generated was actually a proportional one.

The data itself can be handled in plenty f ways, as you will be able to merge all your different projects into one and reduce the amount of information that is piled on your account.

Additionally, users of Syncd are enabled to create and send invoices. And the whole application is wrapped up by its excellent reporting capabilities, letting you keep track of your activities over periods of time that can be as extended as you wish.

Syncd can be tried for free during 30 days. After that, usual pricing applies – $ 5 per active user per month. And it is important to mention that non-profits are offered a 50 % discount.

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Worksnaps.net – Track Time Spent On Projects

  • January 25, 2011

Worksnaps.netEver since Farmville came around, many a bored employee has found an excellent outlet for his lack of interest in the work he is supposed to do. And sometimes it is just not that easy to catch them redhanded.

Enter Worksnaps. It is an application that can used to track the hours that any employee has worked, and for verifying that he has indeed been working, not tending to crops or watching the latest Dancing With The Stars run-ins on YouTube. This is easily done because Worksnaps can take screenshots and have them saved for managers to review later on, and it can also produce a full log detailing the activity of users. Mouse and keyboard activities, applications that have been used… it can all be tracked in a really unequivocal way.

As a result, hiring freelancers and contractors to do on-demand work becomes something far less strenuous. The ambiguities that always make billing a point of contention will be vanished altogether. All the work that has been done will be easily verifiable.

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TimeDuty.com – Track The Time Spent On Projects

  • January 14, 2011

TimeDuty.comTime Duty is one of these highly-practical applications that can let you track the time spent both by you and those who are under your authority on tasks and projects. Using Time Duty, it is very easy to get both a daily and a weekly overview of how long has any activity taken. And the fact that the data can be exported to other applications such as Excel just makes for creating reports in an even easier way. So does the fact of being able to group users in teams.

As an application, Time Duty is going to be of great use to small and medium-sized companies that simply need to monitor how much time has been spent on each individual task in order to bill clients accurately.

Time Duty works on the browser. There is nothing to install on your own servers. And as far as costs go, Time Duty is billed monthly – you will have to pay a flat rate, and you will be charged $ 1 per user. A free trial can also be initiated anytime you want, too, and it will run for 30 days.

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