TigerText.com – Send Secure Text Messages

  • February 20, 2011

TigerText.comThis is a new service that will satisfy those who are concerned about the safety of their mobile communications. And those who are unconcerned by that will also love it, for the simple reason it will let them relive one of the bets-remembered moments from the age-defining TV show Impossible Mission.

You see, what Tiger Text does is to let you send messages that self-destruct after a given period of time. Using this service, you can send SMSes to anybody, learn when they have been read and have them deleted from their mobiles when you feel like doing it.

Obviously, a service like this is innately attractive to companies that want to implement safe texting policies. Something like Tiger Text ensures that employees communicate on their mobiles within the company as much as they want, and with the risks of having information leaked accidentally being considerably minimized.

The Tiger Text application can be downloaded for free.

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