Tigerbow.com – Sending Real Gifts To Virtual Places

  • December 29, 2008

Tigerbow.comThis site offers a novel take on sending gifts over the web. In essence, through Tigerbow you can send physical gifts to any person that you wish, just by providing his or her e-mail address, or a link to that person’s Facebook profile.

That is, you specify which kind of present you wish to send, and the Tigerbow’s folks will contact the recipient and ask him or her whether she wants to receive the gift. If the answer is an affirmative one, the person will supply a physical address for the product to be put forward to.

So far, you can send presents such as books and movies, and others like flowers will be implemented soon. The main page spotlights the gifts that are more popular among site users, too, so that you can get started in no time at all should you be short on inspiration.

All in all, the site adheres to its tagline of “Making shopping special” by rendering a practical service which has the potential for becoming a mainstay. I advice you to set your browser to www.tigerbow.com in order to draw your own conclusions.

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