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  • June 18, 2008

TiffanyFallon.comHow much do you know Tiffany Fallon? Did you know she was Miss Georgia and second runner Miss USA? She also hosted several successful TV shows which allowed her to become known in Hollywood as one of the great new faces in broadcasting. Ok, you also know she looks good; no beauty contest winners look bad at all. is the hostess and actress’ official site. Here you will find her biography and much more. Have you heard about Donald Trump’s new TV show? Haven’t you? For those who don’t know yet what the new show is about, here is the answer. Remember The Apprentice? Now it will be The Celebrity Apprentice. Tiffany Fallon and 13 celebrities will appear in the new NBC show. Check out more information about The Celebrity Apprentice by clicking on the link in the home page of Do you want more information? Check out today.

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