SunShineJoy.com – Wholesale and Retail Gifts

  • June 17, 2008

SunShineJoy.comAre you a hippie at heart? Do you wish that Jerry Garcia was till around so you could frolic at a Grateful Dead concert like you did in the past? If you have a thing for tie-dye clothing, fairies, incense, candles, and other things of the sort, you’ll simply love this site. You will find all sorts of clothing and accessories to suit your free personal style, including colourful t-shirts, bandanas, dashikis, and more.

The site also offers a wide variety of figurines of fairies and flowers, statuettes of Egyptian figures and Buddha, incense and aromatherapy items, special Zippo lighters, wall hangings, and much more. This site is only for people who are free spirits, are in touch with nature, and like to have a little fun. If you feel like the era of love and fun has gone but still want to keep it alive, you should definitely browse the site as you’ll most certainly find many things here to your liking. SunShineJoy.com

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