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De.cipr.us – Tidying Up Your Social Profile

  • December 16, 2009


us is a new app that plays out a very concise role, namely wiping your Facebook and Twitter profiles clean. The reasoning behind this service is as follows: social accounts get invariably packed with posts and tweets over time, and sometimes the information that is displayed is not something you would like your new friends or even your boss to see. If you were to delete each item manually it would take up far too much time, and that is aggravated by the fact that Facebook and Twitter do not allow you to delete them all with a single click.


us aims to address such a shortcoming by cleansing either your Facebook or Twitter account, and letting you ensure that information you don’t want displayed there will be kept out of the picture.

This service is provided at a set cost. Now, the big question: do you think that cost is a good deal when compared to the time it takes to delete the posts and tweets on you own, or would you rather take some time and delete only the truly relevant items?

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TidySongs.com – Tidying Up Your Music Collection

  • July 29, 2009

TidySongs.comTidySongs can be termed a new service that will empower you to have a more ordered web-based music collection. In essence, it is a program which cleans up your songs and fixes details such as misspelled titles as well as adding missing artwork and so forth.

Moreover, it takes care of removing duplicates so that you don’t have to do it manually.

Not only does TidySongs take care of such tasks all by itself, but the degree of automation is such that there is not typing whatsoever required on the user. That is so because an online music database of song information is employed all the time, thus dispensing with manual input.

Granted, these are things that casual listeners do not really care that much about, but music lovers do, and owing to the many songs they might have acquired to do all this by themselves could take just too long.

The current version of TidySongs retails at US$ 30. And if you are uncertain whether or not it is for you, do make a point of checking out the “See TidySongs In Action” section.

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