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  • July 2, 2009

Tickmarkt.comYesterday I reviewed a site named Bet My Stock that let you try your hand at the Stock Market in a virtual setting. Now I have just chanced upon this site, and I find it an interesting companion to the one I scrutinized then.

While Bet My Stocks let you play a game in which you could bet on stocks, this site is a community resource that empowers you to learn all about the Stock Market by interacting with others. On the site you can see what people are currently trading, and revise your trading strategies so that you will (hopefully) shoot to the top.

As in any other social site, though, learn to take things with a pinch of salt. Not everybody is the famed Sphinx online, and in some cases the opposite might be true. Consider a resource like this one as a field for procuring information and research materials, see what other are saying, and arrive at some sort of impression. Do not swear by it. If that is clear, you will enjoy the site, make some new acquaintances and have a better understanding on the way things work when it comes to stocks.

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