TicketCake.com – For The Promotion Of Events

  • November 25, 2010

TicketCake.comTicket Cake is a site that musicians and performers can use to get the word out on any upcoming concert or event. The idea is that fans will proceed to share such information on their favourite social networking sites, and a much bigger turnaround will be achieved than by using other conventional methods of promotion.

People who become involved and start sharing events are actually rewarded for doing so, and these rewards include actual cash.

Of course, the site also empowers performers to sell tickets directly to fans. Did you expect anything else from a site named Ticket Cake? The provided ticketing platform comes with a cool range of features, with my favorite being the ability to see how much interest there is for the event in real time. The provided statistics are sure to paint you the whole picture within seconds.

And non-ticketed events can be posted on the site and promoted, too. The same rules apply – people can use social media to spread the word to the uttermost confines of the Internet, and back.

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