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Plan.io – A Very Simple Take On Project Management

  • February 4, 2010

Plan.ioPlanio is a new tool that will not necessarily leave you standing with your mouth wide open as it is working, but it will certainly help you to conduct your daily businesses in a more efficient fashion. Many project management solutions are either too simple or too hard to use.

The objective of Planio is combining top-tier features with instant usability, thereby situating itself between these project management solutions that are either too simple and too complex to get to grips with.

An advanced ticket system, collaborative file management and milestones are some of the features which have been included, keeping with the functionalities that by now no self-respecting project management tool could do without. So are wikis and forums along with milestones and Gantt charts which are generated automatically for you to weigh up.

This tool will be mostly beneficial for small to medium-sized companies and professionals such as architects, lawyers and engineers will have their requirements covered by it. The media and consulting sectors could also find it worth a try. Besides, the four plans that are provided effectively mean that all levels of users will be catered for.

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